5 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do with a VPN

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VPN is something you have been hearing quite a lot and dozens of times. We bet, sometimes you were also informed about its banning or active use. So, where is the truth behind a VPN system, and do you actually need it or not? We are going to elaborate on everything today and even grant you 5 ways how you could incorporate a VPN. So, without further ado, let’s reveal all the secrets

What is a VPN?

The VPN scenario works as easy as pie. However, you would get a better understanding of what this notion is if you knew the abbreviation itself. It stands out for “A virtual private network” that allows users to connect on the web privately and anonymously. In simple words, when you connect via Internet your IP address may be freely accessed by non-authorized bodies. If you want to prevent it and create a private network as a remote user, VPN will come just in handy. It is like a virtual mask that helps you disguise your actions taken online and supercharges your security.

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The best hacks you didn’t know exist

  1. Access global content 

It often happens that sites restrict particular countries or geographic reasons from using their product, service. The web really turns out to be not as worldwide as it seems– every country has different access. This is due to complying with privacy policies and federal economic sanctions among different territories, but the wonder for an ordinary user usually is “Why should I be exposed to it”? Fair enough. 

This geoblocking has already had an adverse effect on millions of global markets and international communications. The wire is cut and our freedom to unlock bundles of information and interconnection is over. Luckily, VPN takes care of this concern and changes your IP address to the service’s host country. This way you can stream any desirable website and gain instant access to the massive content library. 

Basically, the last time you saw an “Error #403. Your request could not be found” trying to open a particular website, such as Netflix, Spotify, BBC iPlayer, Airbnb, Hulu, Coursera, Youku,

Hotstar, SourceForge, and loads of others, you experienced this kind of issue. And, finally, you can sort it out.

  1. Enhance online security

No matter, what online actions you take and what level of security you have, nowadays your data web history and searches can be easily traced and tracked. We bet you don’t feel very much excited about your private information leaking somewhere to strangers.

Thanks to a VPN hackers can not sniff out and transmit information, because the whole network is under the VPN’s supervision that provides strict security service. Just to illustrate it with a more down-to-Earth example of where a VPN is used daily, let’s talk about the office. Any company deeply concerned about their own security enforces the mandatory use of VPN connections to all the devices used by employees. Moreover, an entire corporate local network is created this way, so that the organization uses a single reliable and secure network.

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  1. Speed and secure wifi connection

Are you tired of watching videos and movies re-buffering instead of enjoying a high-speed connection and loading? The VPN becomes your key to open this locked door again.

Many routers have the ability to configure a VPN connection and provide Internet. In this case, your router acts as a software agent that detects hacking thieves and helps identify traffic outflows that can be improved. A smart VPN creates virtual locations that can be used to bypass internet censorship and access geo-blocked social networks and instant messengers. But aside from the connection that you can get and secure at your home, there are also wi-fi hotspots. 

Yet, the most surprising discovery of all is that some VPN services allow you to protect your privacy with encryption, while you are connected to public wi-fi at a restaurant or a local hotel. Security is of your utmost importance. Therefore, next time you connect to any network, don’t forget to turn on a VPN.

  1. Play online games without slowdowns

As you might see it is also useful for players. Whether you are just a casual or a pro one, having a VPN will enable you to become a multiplayer owner with encrypted gaming traffic. Traditionally, ISPs block data transmission with huge torrent traffic consumed. This leads to interfering and slowing down of your game speed. But, hey, do not lose heart. VPN services allow you to stream internet games without the risk of lost connection. 

If we dig even deeper, we can also learn that some VPNs can block other cunning gamers’ attacks, who can send virus inquiries to your IP address in the pursuit of competition. Moreover, VPN is not only good at decreasing the load on the network but also granting trial-periods of games for free without going beyond the established restrictions. 

However, the limit can and never be exceeded by acting as follows:

  • turn on the VPN, go into the game;
  • turn off the VPN, wait a few minutes for the game to “figure out” what happened, and then enjoy the online battles.
  1. Secure anonymous downloads

It is very convenient to use a torrent to easily find and download the information you need. But by downloading or uploading data, you open your IP address, by which your persona can be identified or, at least, some of your private data. Surely, you don’t want this to happen and a VPN is going to give you a hand. You obtain anonymity on the Internet by selecting an available IP address and the desired country and download any reprehensible and protected by copyright things.

You can only become truly anonymous using VPN technology and enjoy to the fullest:

  • Ease of customization;
  • Low cost;
  • Encrypted channel
  • Inability to find out your real IP address and identify you.

We bet the wrong horse if we say you would not mind spending a fair amount of nerves and energy on that, don’t we? So what can be done? The answer is simple – a VPN.


It does not matter, whether you are a pro or just a dummy with a PC or cell phone, a PN technology is worth trying for all. Furthermore, for different purposes and actions within the web. It gives you an extra layer of privacy and anonymity so you can:

  • Hide your internet activity and location, so that you cannot be tracked (especially on public WiFi networks)
  • Bypass online censorship and surf the internet freely
  • Download torrents safely and anonymously without losing speed
  • Unblock streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney + and others

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