Why Should You Be Using Ubuntu? 6 Advantages

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Imagine: The first time people see your desktop, they ask in surprise why it looks so different. “It’s Ubuntu, an effective, lightweight Linux operating system that’s…” – you start replying, and this is where the people stop listening. 

Those too slow to flee the drop of technical knowledge find themselves in an hour-long rant about the advantages of Ubuntu. Without wasting anyone’s time, you can show them this article – here are six reasons anyone should consider using Ubuntu.

1. It’s Free

Some people obtain their Windows version from the nearest torrent site. Yes, Windows 10 was free for a brief time. However, you often have to pay for Windows services or even more for Apple products. Torrenting puts you at malware infection risk and lacks crucial real-time support.

Ubuntu has always been free since its release in 2004. It’s an open-source OS, so you get all the advantages everyone else enjoys. Moreover, you get to pick free, open-source software alternatives, such as MS Office alternative – LibreOffice.

2. Cybersecurity Advantages

Ubuntu has a different way of handling its security. Root-level administrative access is disabled by default. And there’s a password requirement to gain system administrative privileges. It prevents malware from spreading uncontrollably throughout the system.

Linux is not 100% secure, but it outshines Windows by a long shot. Because Windows is the most popular operating system, more malware threats are targeting it. Cybercriminals don’t focus on developing Ubuntu malware because profiting from it is too much effort.

There are still common threats to be aware of. For example, Linux won’t protect you from password dumping or social engineering. A password manager is still the best option to protect your online accounts. And a reliable open-source Firewall will prevent infections from Phishing attempts.

3. Ubuntu is User-friendly

For a long time, Linux was primarily for coders and developers. It’s a common myth to think of Linux as an overly sophisticated operating system. Ubuntu is a perfect example of why this myth is insubstantial.

If you can install Windows 10, you can operate Ubuntu. Moreover, Ubuntu comes with pre-installed drivers and simplified driver installation procedures. This is an improvement much valued by older Windows OS users.

Ubuntu has a polished and intuitive user interface. Some say it’s even easier to use than Windows once you get used to it. You will have to learn to use the Linux command line, but a friendly community will guide you along the way.

4. Customization

Linux allows much more extensive customization options. You can craft a personalized layout to give you a fresh look whenever you feel like it. You can modify your desktop environment once you get tired of the old one. Or make it more comfortable regarding the tasks at hand. In comparison, Windows 10 and 11 offer customization options, but they don’t come close to the freedom Linux users enjoy.

5. System Resources

Ubuntu is an excellent OS for reviving old machinery. You can choose a minimal setup upon installation to decrease its power consumption even more. Ubuntu can run using just a few percent of your CPU. Meanwhile, Windows 10 64-bit version consumes up to 40%. Include all the Windows background processes, and you can get much more than that.

If you have an old laptop lying around that struggles to turn on the Chrome browser, consider using Ubuntu. Remember, you can skip having AntiVirus permanently on most occasions because Ubuntu is a much safer system. It applies to numerous background processes making your device work even faster.

6. Updates

Updating the operating system and software is much more important than people think. Updates often include security hotfixes that patch up known security vulnerabilities. Without them, your device is exposed to online threats.

Ubuntu has two advantages compared to many other operating systems. Firstly, it will not ask you to restart your device after updating. Windows frequently waits for the moment when you start your CS:GO match to reboot. Don’t ruin your rankings, and choose Ubuntu instead.

Second, you won’t have to apply updates individually. Ubuntu uses repositories to update your OS and software simultaneously, adhering to your current Ubuntu version. You will use Software Updater as a single go-to place to apply them.


You don’t have to stop using Windows if you don’t want to. It’s an excellent OS that offers a lot to people who love it. The same applies to Ubuntu. Its high customization and ease of use give you more freedom if that’s what you’re looking for.

Finally, the choice is ultimately yours. Hopefully, this article gave you some ideas on why you should consider Ubuntu as a primary operating system.


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