5 Content Marketing Tools to Boost Your Engagement in 2022

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Over the years, content marketing has proven to be very reliable when it comes to promoting a brand or product. When done with the right tools, you can expect an increase in sales. While a lot goes into a successful content marketing strategy, we’ll focus on the technological side. In this article, we discuss 5 tools you might want to consider if you’re looking to boost your engagement in 2022.

5 Content Marketing Tools to Boost Your Engagement in 2022

If you search the internet today, there’s no end to the list of apps for marketing students you can use for content marketing. You’ll likely find it challenging to go through them all. To save you stress, here are 5 of the top tools you might want to consider for your content marketing: Grin, Iconosquare, ConvertKit, BuzzSumo, and Evernote.

  1. Grin

One problem most content marketers have to deal with is the handling of multiple apps at the same time. They usually need an app to house their data, pay their influencers, and do other related activities. This is where Grin comes in, as it allows you to bring all of these different aspects of your marketing into a single place. As Grin is a Customer relationship management tool, tracking your Key Performance Indicators is much easier. Also, when it comes to the payment of your influencers, you can easily track their performance and make the necessary payments without having to check multiple files or systems.

  1. Iconosquare

Content creation and marketing can be done through several online platforms, but social media remains the best way to reach out to potential customers. Like the other tools on this list, Iconosquare makes it easier for content marketers to do their job, especially regarding social media. For instance, aside from the ability to track performance, you can also schedule posts using Iconosquare. This means you don’t need to worry about making that upload on time constantly. Instead, you can focus on other aspects, such as coming up with the content in the first place. If writing isn’t for you, you can always buy custom essays, letting you focus on the direction while others focus on the content writing. Also, with the beautiful analytics that comes with Iconosquare, you can easily understand how well you’re performing and make necessary adjustments.

  1. ConvertKit

While social media is considered to be one of the most popular and effective means for content marketing, email marketing hasn’t gone out of date. It remains a reliable option, and with tools such as ConvertKit, it regularly produces results. Also, it offers user-friendly forms, integration with popular payment platforms, CRM tools, and much more.  The user interface is easy to navigate whether you’re new to content marketing or not; you will likely find it easy to start using ConvertKit.

  1. BuzzSumo

This tool is one of the best for creating the content you would need to market. A lot of things go into making your content successful, but research still remains one of the critical parts. BuzzSumo tool allows you to create content that’s likely to go viral by identifying related content in your niche that’s performing well in the market. Then, it analyzes these pieces of content and shares that information with you.

  1. Evernote

Like BuzzSumo, Evernote is a tool that helps create content. Writing often requires you to sit down and brainstorm ideas. You might notice something while browsing on your phone or laptop, but at the same time, find it difficult to do your thoughts on paper. Evernote lets you capture your ideas through articles, media, and notes. And since it’s available on both PC and mobile, you can easily track your ideas across devices you’re logged into.

In Conclusion

Each one of the five tools listed in this article can be very helpful in creating engaging content. Whether you need help with organization, content creation, or both, you will likely find the tools listed in this article to be very helpful. So, make the most of them as you move forward in creating exciting content.

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