Is It Possible to Explore Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching Certification via Practice Tests from Examsnap?

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Business and job environments are changing, and now IT is a new reality. You need to excel in IT skills if you want to start a successful career. The advanced change of business is driving the selection of programmable system designs with the relating requirement for extended abilities and information from the organizing engineers.

To meet these modern IT jobs, Cisco keeps on creating and preparing the certifications that empower enterprises to effectively develop and move to an advanced IT system. Cisco CCNA is the well-recognized and most demanding credential for engineers. The company guarantees the provision of the best skills through its program. Cisco Certified Network Associate, or CCNA, is the top IT security certificate and is one of the most regarded on the planet.

Recently, the company changed its certification program and added new paths by withdrawing all the outdated credentials. Thus, now all ExamSnap Practise Tests are connected into one. And Cisco CCNA R&S is no exception. In this article, we will cover this situation in more detail and tell you all the information you need to know to get this certificate. But let’s start with some general information.

Main Advantages of Cisco certifications

A partner-level declaration for an IT organization assists the newcomers in boosting their expert skills through better employment and more significant compensation. CCNA demonstrates the abilities to arrange, work, and investigate exchanged and steered systems.

The program incorporates:

  1. Skills building. Recommended apparatuses to help you learn best practices and additional hands-on learning. From the Entry to Master level, Cisco offers self-managed preparation alternatives with a hands-on focus to each learning style and spending plan.
  2. Skills validation. Assess Cisco steering and exchanging information and new aptitudes proving to the directors that the IT experts are prepared to plan and convey computerized prepared systems.
  3. Skills reinforcement. Continually sharpen your abilities throughout your profession as an IT project engineer.

Of course, landing a good job is difficult without a well-crafted CV, even if you have a certificate. Therefore, websites like will help you create an excellent resume to introduce your candidacy. In addition, you’ll get an example of a CV to refer to in your future career.

Key Differences Between the Old and New Version of Cisco CCNA

The CCNA certification program is applicable everywhere. Cisco understands that the system specialist should progressively concentrate on the structure, setup, and strengthening of duties as a specialized advisor, a professional, or a master in the system administration group. In this way, the Cisco educational plan is explicit to the prescribed procedures for the system administrators, engineers, and specialists utilizing the most recent Cisco arrangements.

The old version of CCNA gave all the applicants the capacity to introduce, arrange, work, and investigate the medium-size course and exchanged systems, including performance and confirmation of associations with remote destinations in WAN. The associate-level educational program incorporates fundamental moderation of security dangers, a prologue to remote systems administration ideas and execution-based abilities.

The new CCNA program is here to set you up for the present entry-level occupation jobs in the IT areas. CCNA now incorporates security, computerization, and programmability. It comes with only one exam that covers an expansive scope of essentials for IT professions.

The CCNA instructional class and certification test give you preparation you need to advance your profession in any path. CCNA covers a broadness of objectives, including:

  • Network fundamentals;
  • Network access;
  • IP connectivity;
  • IP services;
  • Security fundamentals;
  • Automation and programmability.

But what else do you need to know about this new certification track? Let’s take a closer look.

Requirements and other Details Regarding Cisco CCNA Certification

Please note that there are no formal requirements for the CCNA credential, but you should be familiar with the subjects before taking the test. Likewise, the CCNA applicants regularly have:

  • At least one year of experience executing and overseeing Cisco arrangements;
  • Information on fundamental IP tending to a decent comprehension of system basics.

The students will have to pass only one exam – 200-301 CCNA. And if they complete this 120-minute test, the associate-level certificate will be valid for 3 years. To do it, they need to prepare with great deliberation.

Study Tips to Prepare for Cisco CCNA Certification Exam

You’ll need to have a decent comprehension of why you should first accomplish CCNA. You should seriously think about defining the purpose of taking the certification test and after that spend some time evaluating your current level of knowledge. This will help you develop a good plan and include the materials that you will need for your preparation days.So what else you can do?

1. Get Hands-on Experience

You’ll require both hypothetical and practical information to pass the CCNA test. When you are ready for it, you should have the option to use hypothetical data in the real tasks of investigation and system administration. Therefore, you can enroll for the training that Cisco offers on its certification page. It entails lectures, self-study, and lab tasks.

2. Buy Some books

Exam preparation incorporates gathering the right resources. The best study materials for the CCNA certification test can be found in the digital library– Cisco Platinum Learning Library. Additionally, you can also prescribe the “31 Days Before” guide that you can get from Cisco Press or Amazon. This book was created for the old version of CCNA, but it can still give you some useful information. Having it will assist you in passing your exam.

3. Take Practice Tests

Before you go for the real exam, you need to check your knowledge by taking practice tests. Set a cutoff time for yourself and check what you have understood during that period. You’ll find the area that you need to improve and will be able to deal with the questions within the allocated time.

4. Invigorate your Knowledge Right Before the Exam

We suggest that you revise all the information before your actual test. This will help you revive your memory and recognize everything you may have missed.The last few weeks before the exam should be dedicated to understanding inquiries. Try discovering new ones by looking through web discussions and other stages.

5. Don’t Forget to Relax

Give yourself a break a few days before the test. Relax and try to unwind. A decent 8-hour rest is significant the night before.


By obtaining the Cisco CCNA certificate,you will gain worldwide acknowledgment. This associate-level certification demonstrates that you are more educated and skillful than your non-certified peers, and therefore, you will have more opportunities and job offers. So, explore all the exam topics, follow all the tips above, and take advantage of the study bundle with a guide, training courses, and braindumps from the Examsnap platform. All these resources will help you deal with all possible difficulties. Good luck!


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