Install Wine 4 on CentOS 8

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In this guide, we are going to learn how to install Wine 4 on CentOS 8. Wine (Wine INot an Emulator) is a free and open-source software which provides the ability to run Microsoft Windows applications and computer games to run on POSIX-compliant Operating Systems, such as Linux, MacOS and  BSD.

Installing Wine 4 on CentOS 8

Install EPEL Repos on CentOS 8

Wine is not included in the default CentOS 8 repositories but however available on EPEL repos. Therefore, run the command below to install EPEL repos.

dnf install

Enable PowerTools Repos

Some of the required dependencies for Wine are provided by PowerTools repos which can be enabled by running the command below.

dnf config-manager --set-enabled PowerTools

Run System Update

Resynchronize your system packages to their latest versions.

dnf update

Installing Wine 4

Confirm that Wine is available on the EPEL repos by finding which packages provides wine.

dnf whatprovides wine
wine-4.0.2-1.el8.x86_64 : A compatibility layer for windows applications
Repo        : epel
Matched from:
Provide    : wine = 4.0.2-1.el8

As you can see, Wine 4.0.2 is provided by EPEL repos. The latest version of Wine as of this writing is Wine 4.0.3.

Before you can install Wine, there are some other dependencies that needs to be installed. For example, isdn4k-utils which provides utilities for configuring an ISDN subsystem.

isdn4k-utils can be installed by running the command;

dnf localinstall

Once the above steps are completed, you can now proceed to install Wine 4.0.2;

dnf install wine

Dependencies resolved.
 Package                                      Arch                 Version                                              Repository                Size
 wine                                         x86_64               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      54 k
Installing dependencies:
 alsa-lib                                     x86_64               1.1.6-3.el8                                          AppStream                432 k
 cairo                                        x86_64               1.15.12-3.el8                                        AppStream                721 k
 desktop-file-utils                           x86_64               0.23-8.el8                                           AppStream                 80 k
 flac-libs                                    x86_64               1.3.2-9.el8                                          AppStream                217 k
 fribidi                                      x86_64               1.0.4-6.el8                                          AppStream                 89 k
 gd                                           x86_64               2.2.5-6.el8                                          AppStream                144 k
 graphite2                                    x86_64               1.3.10-10.el8                                        AppStream                122 k
 gsm                                          x86_64               1.0.17-5.el8                                         AppStream                 37 k
 gstreamer1                                   x86_64               1.14.0-3.el8                                         AppStream                1.3 M
 gstreamer1-plugins-base                      x86_64               1.14.0-4.el8                                         AppStream                1.8 M
 harfbuzz                                     x86_64               1.7.5-3.el8                                          AppStream                295 k
 hicolor-icon-theme                           noarch               0.17-2.el8                                           AppStream                 49 k
 iso-codes                                    noarch               3.79-2.el8                                           AppStream                3.4 M
 jbigkit-libs                                 x86_64               2.1-14.el8                                           AppStream                 55 k
 lcms2                                        x86_64               2.9-2.el8                                            AppStream                165 k
 libICE                                       x86_64               1.0.9-13.el8                                         AppStream                 74 k
 libSM                                        x86_64               1.2.3-1.el8                                          AppStream                 48 k
 libX11                                       x86_64               1.6.7-1.el8                                          AppStream                612 k
 libX11-common                                noarch               1.6.7-1.el8                                          AppStream                157 k
 libX11-xcb                                   x86_64               1.6.7-1.el8                                          AppStream                 14 k
 libXau                                       x86_64               1.0.8-13.el8                                         AppStream                 36 k
 libXcomposite                                x86_64               0.4.4-14.el8                                         AppStream                 28 k
 libXcursor                                   x86_64               1.1.15-3.el8                                         AppStream                 36 k
 libXdamage                                   x86_64               1.1.4-14.el8                                         AppStream                 27 k
 libXext                                      x86_64               1.3.3-9.el8                                          AppStream                 45 k
 libXfixes                                    x86_64               5.0.3-7.el8                                          AppStream                 25 k
 libXft                                       x86_64               2.3.2-10.el8                                         AppStream                 66 k
 libXi                                        x86_64               1.7.9-7.el8                                          AppStream                 49 k
 libXinerama                                  x86_64               1.1.4-1.el8                                          AppStream                 16 k
 libXpm                                       x86_64               3.5.12-7.el8                                         AppStream                 58 k
 libXrandr                                    x86_64               1.5.1-7.el8                                          AppStream                 33 k
 libXrender                                   x86_64               0.9.10-7.el8                                         AppStream                 33 k
 libXtst                                      x86_64               1.2.3-7.el8                                          AppStream                 22 k
 libXv                                        x86_64               1.0.11-7.el8                                         AppStream                 20 k
 libXxf86vm                                   x86_64               1.1.4-9.el8                                          AppStream                 19 k
 libasyncns                                   x86_64               0.8-14.el8                                           AppStream                 32 k
 libdatrie                                    x86_64               0.2.9-7.el8                                          AppStream                 33 k
 libdrm                                       x86_64               2.4.96-2.el8                                         AppStream                164 k
 libexif                                      x86_64               0.6.21-16.el8                                        AppStream                355 k
 libglvnd                                     x86_64               1:1.0.1-0.9.git5baa1e5.el8                           AppStream                 95 k
 libglvnd-egl                                 x86_64               1:1.0.1-0.9.git5baa1e5.el8                           AppStream                 50 k
 libglvnd-gles                                x86_64               1:1.0.1-0.9.git5baa1e5.el8                           AppStream                 41 k
 libglvnd-glx                                 x86_64               1:1.0.1-0.9.git5baa1e5.el8                           AppStream                131 k
 libgphoto2                                   x86_64               2.5.16-3.el8                                         AppStream                1.4 M
 libieee1284                                  x86_64               0.2.11-28.el8                                        AppStream                 46 k
 libjpeg-turbo                                x86_64               1.5.3-7.el8                                          AppStream                155 k
 libogg                                       x86_64               2:1.3.2-10.el8                                       AppStream                 31 k
 libsndfile                                   x86_64               1.0.28-8.el8                                         AppStream                193 k
 libthai                                      x86_64               0.1.27-2.el8                                         AppStream                203 k
 libtheora                                    x86_64               1:1.1.1-21.el8                                       AppStream                184 k
 libtiff                                      x86_64               4.0.9-13.el8                                         AppStream                188 k
 libv4l                                       x86_64               1.14.2-3.el8                                         AppStream                194 k
 libvisual                                    x86_64               1:0.4.0-24.el8                                       AppStream                145 k
 libvorbis                                    x86_64               1:1.3.6-1.el8                                        AppStream                196 k
 libwayland-client                            x86_64               1.15.0-1.el8                                         AppStream                 39 k
 libwayland-cursor                            x86_64               1.15.0-1.el8                                         AppStream                 26 k
 libwayland-egl                               x86_64               1.15.0-1.el8                                         AppStream                 19 k
 libwayland-server                            x86_64               1.15.0-1.el8                                         AppStream                 45 k
 libwebp                                      x86_64               1.0.0-1.el8                                          AppStream                273 k
 libxcb                                       x86_64               1.13-5.el8                                           AppStream                230 k
 libxshmfence                                 x86_64               1.3-2.el8                                            AppStream                 13 k
 llvm-libs                                    x86_64               7.0.1-3.module_el8.0.0+176+9dc62ab1                  AppStream                 17 M
 mesa-dri-drivers                             x86_64               18.3.1-5.el8_0                                       AppStream                7.3 M
 mesa-filesystem                              x86_64               18.3.1-5.el8_0                                       AppStream                 32 k
 mesa-libEGL                                  x86_64               18.3.1-5.el8_0                                       AppStream                161 k
 mesa-libGL                                   x86_64               18.3.1-5.el8_0                                       AppStream                215 k
 mesa-libOSMesa                               x86_64               18.3.1-5.el8_0                                       AppStream                2.7 M
 mesa-libgbm                                  x86_64               18.3.1-5.el8_0                                       AppStream                 88 k
 mesa-libglapi                                x86_64               18.3.1-5.el8_0                                       AppStream                 60 k
 mesa-vulkan-drivers                          x86_64               18.3.1-5.el8_0                                       AppStream                2.2 M
 mpg123-libs                                  x86_64               1.25.10-2.el8                                        AppStream                208 k
 openal-soft                                  x86_64               1.18.2-7.el8                                         AppStream                394 k
 opus                                         x86_64               1.3-0.4.beta.el8                                     AppStream                204 k
 orc                                          x86_64               0.4.28-2.el8                                         AppStream                175 k
 pango                                        x86_64               1.42.4-5.el8_0                                       AppStream                297 k
 pixman                                       x86_64               0.36.0-1.el8                                         AppStream                256 k
 pulseaudio-libs                              x86_64               11.1-22.el8                                          AppStream                675 k
 sane-backends                                x86_64               1.0.27-19.el8                                        AppStream                795 k
 sane-backends-libs                           x86_64               1.0.27-19.el8                                        AppStream                109 k
 unixODBC                                     x86_64               2.3.7-1.el8                                          AppStream                458 k
 vulkan-loader                                x86_64                                            AppStream                107 k
 avahi                                        x86_64               0.7-19.el8                                           BaseOS                   282 k
 avahi-libs                                   x86_64               0.7-19.el8                                           BaseOS                    62 k
 cups-libs                                    x86_64               1:2.2.6-25.el8                                       BaseOS                   432 k
 fontconfig                                   x86_64               2.13.1-3.el8                                         BaseOS                   275 k
 fontpackages-filesystem                      noarch               1.44-22.el8                                          BaseOS                    16 k
 libatomic                                    x86_64               8.2.1-3.5.el8                                        BaseOS                    20 k
 liberation-fonts-common                      noarch               1:2.00.3-4.el8                                       BaseOS                    26 k
 liberation-mono-fonts                        noarch               1:2.00.3-4.el8                                       BaseOS                   504 k
 liberation-sans-fonts                        noarch               1:2.00.3-4.el8                                       BaseOS                   609 k
 liberation-serif-fonts                       noarch               1:2.00.3-4.el8                                       BaseOS                   607 k
 libpciaccess                                 x86_64               0.14-1.el8                                           BaseOS                    32 k
 lockdev                                      x86_64               1.0.4-0.28.20111007git.el8                           BaseOS                    41 k
 xml-common                                   noarch               0.6.3-50.el8                                         BaseOS                    39 k
 SDL2                                         x86_64               2.0.8-7.el8                                          PowerTools               429 k
 spirv-tools-libs                             x86_64               2019.1-1.el8_0                                       PowerTools               1.1 M
 libvkd3d                                     x86_64               1.1-3.el8                                            epel                     158 k
 nss-mdns                                     x86_64               0.14.1-3.el8                                         epel                      48 k
 wine-alsa                                    x86_64               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                     110 k
 wine-capi                                    x86_64               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      59 k
 wine-cms                                     x86_64               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      80 k
 wine-common                                  noarch               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                     108 k
 wine-core                                    x86_64               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      28 M
 wine-courier-fonts                           noarch               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      67 k
 wine-desktop                                 noarch               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                     156 k
 wine-filesystem                              noarch               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      86 k
 wine-fixedsys-fonts                          noarch               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      66 k
 wine-fonts                                   noarch               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      54 k
 wine-ldap                                    x86_64               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                     134 k
 wine-marlett-fonts                           noarch               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      66 k
 wine-ms-sans-serif-fonts                     noarch               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      80 k
 wine-openal                                  x86_64               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      68 k
 wine-pulseaudio                              x86_64               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      95 k
 wine-small-fonts                             noarch               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      68 k
 wine-symbol-fonts                            noarch               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      79 k
 wine-system-fonts                            noarch               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      72 k
 wine-systemd                                 noarch               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      54 k
 wine-tahoma-fonts                            noarch               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                     158 k
 wine-twain                                   x86_64               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      90 k
 wine-wingdings-fonts                         noarch               4.0.2-1.el8                                          epel                      67 k
Installing weak dependencies:
 sane-backends-drivers-cameras                x86_64               1.0.27-19.el8                                        AppStream                 57 k
 sane-backends-drivers-scanners               x86_64               1.0.27-19.el8                                        AppStream                2.5 M
Enabling module streams:
 llvm-toolset                                                      rhel8                                                                              

Transaction Summary
Install  123 Packages

Total download size: 85 M
Installed size: 437 M
Is this ok [y/N]: y

Verify Wine Installation on CentOS 8

To confirm that you have successfully installed Wine 4 on CentOS 8, simply check the Wine version.

wine --version
wine64 --version

Running Wine on CentOS 8

Wine command takes the following syntax.

wine program [arguments]

To obtain help on Wine usage;

wine --help

Consult man pages for Wine for more insight.

man wine

Before you can use Wine to run Windows applications, reboot your system to setup the Wine environment.

systemctl reboot

Example of running Windows programs on CentOS 8 using Wine

Ensure that you are NOT running the applications as a root user.

wine putty.exe
wine putty

To run MSI installer;

wine msiexec /i putty-64bit-0.73-installer.msi
wine msi

There you go. Enjoy.

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  1. Hi, im on CentOS 8 and any version of wine I’m running tells me when I try to run an exe, wrong exe format, I was wondering if you’ve ever encountered this problem and if so how you solved it.

  2. Hey koromicha!
    Thanks a lot for your tutorial.

    I just have trouble to execute the software.exe.
    Look below :

    [root@ss ~]# wine rufus-3.8.exe
    No protocol specified
    wine: cannot find L”C:\\windows\\system32\\rufus-3.8.exe”

    [root@ss Downloads]# wine rufus-3.8.exe
    No protocol specified
    wine: Bad EXE format for Z:\home\lcjunior\Downloads\rufus-3.8.exe.


    • Hi Luiz, we will look into the issue and advise. However, try executing rufus as non root user and see if it works, in the meantime


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