Why a hosted PBX telephony system is better suited for your online business

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A hosted PBX telephony system has a range of benefits that would be worthwhile for your business, especially if it is an online brand. To improve business efficiency and communications, it is a good idea to consider changing to a hosted PBX telephony system if you have not already done so – and here’s why. 

What is a hosted PBX telephony system?

A hosted private branch exchange (PBX) system, or a cloud PBX system, consists of a business telephone network that is connected via the internet. Whilst traditional business telephony systems typically include hardware that is stored on-site, a hosted system operates directly in the virtual space.

As a result, multiple devices can be connected to this network simultaneously and wirelessly, whereas the former would have required a collection of cables to be connected to each other.

Furthermore, hosted PBX systems offer a variety of features and functionalities that otherwise are not available in traditional phone systems. These include call routing, call queues, call transfers, extensions, and many more. 

Is a hosted PBX suitable for your business?

A hosted PBX is recommended for businesses of any size, but it can be particularly useful for small or medium enterprises (SMEs). To streamline communication between employees, a hosted PBX can help do this, making business communication easy, simple, and efficient. 

For instance, individual employees or teams can be given their own extension number, meaning that if another employee wishes to discuss something related to them, all they have to do is dial the extension number on a device connected to the hosted PBX system. 

For online businesses, a hosted PBX system is also advantageous. This type of telephone system requires a stable and reliable internet connection, preferably high-speed internet. If you are an online business, you will probably already have this so installing a hosted PBX system should be effortless in this regard. 

If your business frequently receives calls from customers, then a hosted system is also better for improved call quality and customer experience. With a hosted PBX business telephony, you are able to transfer calls from customers to relevant teams or departments if needed, as well as put them in a queuing system with custom music or audio that plays as they wait.

A hosted PBX telephony system can save your business money in the long run, so it is a worthwhile investment that you should consider implementing for your business. It can reduce operational costs, as you do not need to hire resources to maintain and manage any hardware – you simply need to train your employees in how to use a cloud system. 

Hosted PBX solutions

There are numerous hosted PBX solutions you can choose from since its popularity has skyrocketed. If your business is already using softwares like Skype or Microsoft Teams, you can pick solutions that are powering Microsoft Teams Telephony, for example. 

A hosted PBX system is incredibly convenient for online businesses as it can be accessed from anywhere due to its connection via the cloud – as long as you have internet access, of course. 

These are merely a few examples of why online businesses can benefit from a hosted PBX telephony system – there’s many more advantages waiting to be uncovered. 


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