How To Unlock a Disabled iPhone?


Have you entered the wrong iPhone passcode many times? You’re probably becoming frustrated with the “iPhone is Disabled” warning that keeps popping up on the screen. When an iPhone’s passcode has been incorrectly entered too many times, the message “iPhone is Disabled” will appear. You can’t do anything with your iPhone right now, so this scenario appears difficult. Here are seven tried-and-true methods of unlocking a disabled iPhone, guaranteed to work in even the most perplexing situations. An iPhone that has been locked out may be unlocked with or without the use of a computer.

Methods To Fix The Problem Of “iPhone Is Disabled”

The iPhone’s safety features are top-notch. After an iPhone has been activated, only the screen passcode and associated Apple ID may access it. If you forget your iPhone’s passcode, you won’t be able to use it. This is a fantastic iPhone function, but it may cause some issues. 

You might have to do important business tasks on your iPhone. Like if you’re a trader,, you must be worried about how to get rid of this disabled iPhone issue. If you’re trying to bypass the message “iPhone is disabled, try out these great methods to unlock your disabled iPhone. 

  1. Use Find My Phone to Activate a Locked iPhone

Using Apple’s Find My iPhone service might be one answer to questions like “how to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes, iCloud, or a computer,” “how to unlock a disabled iPad without a computer,” and similar ones. It’s a convenient way to control an iOS device from afar. To get access to your locked device, just use a different device to browse the website or app.

How to use Find My iPhone to regain access to a disabled iPhone or iPad without a computer?

First, go over to the App Store on another of your iPhones and have the Find My iPhone app installed there. It’s free to download from Apple’s app store.

  • To use the Find My iPhone function, follow these steps: 
  • Sign in to the app using your iCloud credentials.
  • View all of your associated Apple devices in the iCloud settings after logging in. 
  • Select your disabled iPhone from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose Actions at the bottom of the next screen.
  • Now, You’ll see that you have three choices. 
  • Select the option that reads “Erase iPhone” at the bottom.
  • Your disabled iPhone or iPad will be wiped, along with the passcode. 
  • To restore an iCloud backup, start a fresh setup of the device and choose Restore from iCloud Backup.

Congratulations, now your iPhone will restart in a few minutes and you can continue your work on it whether you want to trade forex using British Bitcoin Profit or want to watch an exciting movie. 

  1. Install the Dr. Fone Software On Your PC

In this section, we’ll learn how to use a critical utility that can unlock an iPhone. Instead of wasting time trying to guess your iPhone’s passcode, you can just utilize Dr Fone – Screen Unlock to get things done.

If you read the instructions carefully and carry them out, you will have no trouble at all. It is recommended that you back up your iPhone’s data before attempting to unlock it with this application.

  • First, get Dr Fone – Screen Unlock and plug in your device through USB.
  • Get the Windows version of Dr. Fone – Screen Unlock and install it on your PC.
  • Now you may connect your iPhone to a computer or a lightning cable by means of a USB.
  • Manually Unlock Your Ios Device
  • After Dr. Fone – Screen Unlock makes your iPhone accessible, you’ll see the Unlock window. Select the “Unlock iOS Screen” option to begin.
  • Boot into DFU Mode and Double-Check the Messages
  • In the new window, follow the prompts to enter DFU mode. The software will detect information about the user’s device, including the model and operating system. After double-checking the data, choose Start from the main menu.
  • Four, proceed with the unlocking procedure and reboot
  • When the download is complete, Dr. Fone- Screen Unlock will proceed with the passcode erase. As seen in the image below, choose the Unlock Now button. The whole contents of your phone will be erased, therefore you’ll need to approve the erasing process.

The iOS lock screen will be removed in a matter of minutes, and your iPhone will restart as if it were brand new. That’s all; your iPhone will now be unlocked without the need for iTunes.

  1. Using a Computer

Resetting the iPhone to factory settings and restoring from a backup is the only way to get access to it again. And that’s why you need a fresh copy of your backup. Your iPhone may be reset using iTunes if it has been deactivated.

Here’s how to use a computer to reset a frozen iPhone:

  • To begin, step 1 is to open iTunes.
  • Start your iTunes.
  • Plug a USB cord into your iPhone and PC.
  • Enter the iPhone’s Recovery Mode.
  • If you have an iPhone 8 or later, hold down the power button until the “Connect to iTunes” screen displays, then press and release the volume up and volume down buttons.
  • Press the power button for 3 seconds to force restart your iPhone 7. To turn it off, you should now move it to the right. Finally, bring up the “Connect to iTunes” screen by pressing and holding the volume down button.
  • The power button on iPhones 6 and before must be held down for 3 seconds. To turn it off, you should now move it to the right. Finally, bring up the “Connect to iTunes” screen by pressing and holding the Home button.
  • When prompted to connect to iTunes, choose the Restore option.
  • Verify the Restore Option.

Your iPhone will be restored to its original settings. To use the backup to restore your phone, follow the on-screen prompts.  Using a computer, you can bypass the iPhone’s password protection in this way.


The iPhone may be unlocked without the password using these ways. You no longer need to take your iPhone to a repair facility to have its passcode removed after you’ve entered it incorrectly too many times. The iPhone passcode may be reset using these techniques.


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