Easy way to Install Linux Mint 21 on VirtualBox

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How to install Linux Mint Cinnamon virtual machine? Follow through this tutorial to learn an easy way to install Linux Mint 21 on VirtualBox.

Installing Linux Mint 21 on VirtualBox 7

Download Linux Mint 21 Installation ISO file

Navigate to Linux Mint 21 ISOs downloads page and grab an ISO file for your specific Linux mint flavor. We are using Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition.

Create New VirtualBox Linux Mint 21 VM

Launch VirtualBox and create a new VM with your preferred settings such as networkingdisk sizesystem resources etc.

Name and Operating System of the VM

To begin with, define the name of the virtual machine and the Operating system. Additionally, select the ISO image that will be used to install your Linux Mint 21 vm on VirtualBox.

Install Linux Mint 21 on VirtualBox

Note that we will be using VirtualBox 7, which supports unattended guest VM installation. However, Linux mint doesn’t support unattended guest installation, hence, ensure that the Skip unattended installation is checked.

Set the VM Hardware

Next, assign the VM required RAM and vCPUs.

Install Linux Mint 21 on VirtualBox

VM Virtual Hard Disk

Create a Virtual hard disk for your Linux Mint 21 vm. Choose the disk size of your preference.

Install Linux Mint 21 on VirtualBox

Virtual Machine Setup Summary

Go through the virtual machine setup summary and when you are happy with the configuration press Finish to create the virtual machine. Alternatively you can go back and modify the configuration.

linux mint vm installation summary

You should now see your vm added to the list of the VirtualBox vms;

linux mint

Additional Settings for the Virtual Machine

If you want to further customize your VM before installation, then select the vm and open the settings.

We will only update the network settings of the vm at this point.

Thus, under network settings;

  • Adapter 1 set it to NAT to allow the VM to access Internet via the host system.
  • Adapter 2 you can set it to host only just in case you want it to communicate with other vms on your host machine and even facilitate easy access from the host system.
vm network settings

  • Click Ok when done updating the Linux Mint 21 vm settings.

Installing Linux Mint 21 VM on VirtualBox

Once you have setup your VM, click start to begin the installation.

When it runs, select the first installation option, Start Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon 64-bit.

Install Linux Mint 21 on VirtualBox

Linux Mint will boot into Live desktop.

linux mint live desktop installer

From the desktop, launch the installer by double click the Install Linux Mint disk on the desktop.


  • Choose your installation language and keyboard layout,
  • If you want, you can install multimedia codecs. We skipped it!
  • On installation type, we selected;
    • Erase disk and install Linux Mint
    • Use LVM with new Linux Mint installation.
installation type
  • Click Install Now and confirm changes written to the disk to continue.
  • Select your location,
  • Create your User accounts and continue with to install of Linux Mint 21 on VirtualBox.
  • Start the installation.
  • Once the installation is complete, click restart now.
installation complete restart

Press ENTER to detach installation ISO image and reboot the vm.

Running Linux Mint 21 on VirtualBox

After reboot, you will land on your Linux Mint 21 desktop.

Install Linux Mint 21 on VirtualBox

Login to your Linux Mint 21 Desktop

linux mint virtualbox vm

That is all about how to install Linux Mint 21 virtual machine on VirtualBox.

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