6 Best Gadgets That Will Help You Finish That Essay


Gadgets make our lives easier in many ways, including education. They help students study effectively, get access to information easily, and even finish their essays.

Of course, no gadget will write it for you completely. This is still a human job. So those who need a piece of expert advice and assistance can choose academic paper help by WritePaper service. It is a professional platform that delivers writing, editing, and proofreading of all types of college assignments on demand. Experienced authors also provide guidance and advice that helps develop skills for the future.

If a student struggles with time or lacks confidence in their writing skills, it is a perfect opportunity to overcome this. With professional assistance, one can rest assured that their paper of the highest quality will be delivered on time.

As for gadgets, they can make the process simpler, but they won’t do it all for you. Here are the top devices that make writing more effective.

6 Best Gadgets That Will Help You Finish That Essay

Good Laptop

The first thing a student needs is a reliable laptop. It is better than a PC because you can take it anywhere and work anytime. So if you forget to make final changes, you can always do that in a cafe or right in the class.

It doesn’t have to be a flagman device with the most computing power to deal with documents. But it needs to be speedy for efficient research and lightweight for mobility. Students can use it to be better learners, access digital materials, or follow online courses.

Here are several models one can choose from.

Google Pixelbook Go

It is affordable, productive, and convenient. It has enough memory, a decent processor (Intel Core m3-i7), and good graphics. It has great battery life with up to 11 hours of work and a comfortable keyboard suitable for writing for a long time;

HP Spectre X360 

It also has a good processor (Intel Core i5-i7) and enough in-build memory. One of its advantages is a touch screen with excellent performance, which is useful for many writers. The keyboard is also comfortable and ergonomic;

Dell XPS 13

This model is not as affordable as the previous one but for a good reason. It is a 2-in-1 model with a great processor (Intel Core i5-i7), a high-quality display, and a soft keyboard. The graphics are amazing, and it is very lightweight and compact while being powerful;

Surface Laptop 2 

This is a reliable, powerful, and well-performing device. It has a touch screen, a tactile and comfortable keyboard, and good graphics resolution;

ACER Switch 3 

The laptop is on the expensive side, but it is a very good notebook with a 4-core Intel Pentium N 4200 processor and touch screen display. It is very compact and powerful and comes with an additional keyboard.

Overall, when it comes to writing, choose a laptop that is compact, comfortable, and has a pleasant display for the eyes.

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

This device has gained a lot of attention because of how smart and helpful it is. Basically, this is a compact whiteboard that anyone can have when needed. It is an A4 pad of reusable pages – you can write on them, wipe them clean, and start over.

This is perfect for drafting an essay plan, working on the layout, or brainstorming ideas. Students can use it for mind maps and organization of their thoughts for the paper. And it costs about $30, so it is one of the affordable gadgets for students.

Rocketbook has another set of valuable features – it syncs with Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, and other popular software. So you can have a digital version of your work safely stored. And using it instead of paper is more sustainable.

Miracle Cube Timer

If you are a fan of the Pomodoro technique or work better in sprints, this might be a lifesaver for your productivity. Usually, it is easier to write in sprints without getting distracted. It is amazing how much one can do in 15 minutes if one focuses on one thing.

This Cube Timer is simple, small, but very effective. You can set specific sprints of 5, 15, 30, or 60 seconds. After it is done, the Cube will signal that it is time to relax and give your brain a break. It is a cheap yet fun gadget that might help you finish that essay faster.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

One of the main enemies of productive writing is noise. It is so easy to get distracted when you hear something, particularly if you were not emotionally involved in the essay in the first place.

Noise-canceling headphones are a perfect device for students that share accommodation with others or prefer working outside – in a cafe or park. By wearing them, you eliminate all distractions and can focus on the paper. Students can create a more or less tranquil place anywhere, which is very nice.

You can listen to favorite music, tunes that make you productive, or much-appreciated silence.

6 Best Gadgets That Will Help You Finish That Essay

Foldable Keyboard

There are times when you cannot or do not want to carry a laptop with you. But you can still have writing opportunities at the same time. A foldable keyboard is exactly for that. It is tiny and can fit in almost any bag. Some of the models can even be rolled, but you need to check this beforehand. You just connect it to the smartphone or tablet via a handy app and turn your mobile device into a laptop. Some have a USB wired connection, while others work on Bluetooth and battery.

There are plenty of options on the market, from $5 to $400, so one can find a good device up to their budget.


This one is not directly for writing, but it is useful for any student. Electronic books can hold up all your materials and resources in one place. So you can do research and read texts for the essay comfortably and at any time. They come with a special screen that imitates the physical book and is comfortable for the eyes.

And it works even in bright sunlight, which is not the case for many smartphones and tablets. Such devices are relatively cheap, portable, and can be connected to other gadgets for a smooth experience.

A good trick is to upload your essay on an e-reader after you’ve done with the text. Now you can re-read it here for a fresh and more objective perspective. As you look at it from a different angle. This might give more insights into how it will be perceived by a reader.

In Summary

Having comfortable, reliable, and well-performing gadgets help you stay productive and focused. With a good laptop, a comfortable keyboard, and a cute timer, you can complete an essay faster. And noise-canceling headphones will eliminate distractions and create a suitable atmosphere for you whenever you are. 


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