5 things to remember when using a rapid eLearning authoring tool for gamification


Do you want increased engagement for your training courses? Gamification might do the trick! Gamifying your courses and adding reward elements like badges, leaderboards, and other incentives can help boost the motivation of your learner and breed a little amount of healthy competition. 

If you want to gamify your courses too but find your organisation to be a little short on time or resources, rapid eLearning authoring tools can be the solution to your problem. Authoring tools like Articulate storyline 360 can be a way more budget-friendly and rapid options for gamification. 

So, here are 5 things to remember about using these rapid learning tools to gamify your course; 

Create a storyboard

Creating an eLearning storyboard for your gamification can help you map out every goal and objective. A storyboard will enable you to choose what is best for your gamification, for example, it will help you decide which gaming mechanism can be incorporated into your eLearning course. 

Outline your storyboard that includes every level and activity of your gamified course. The storyboard will give your program a direction to continue towards. It will also help you choose the right rapid eLearning authoring tool to gamify your course. 

Use templates and the in-built asset library 

One of the best things about a rapid eLearning authoring tool is that it usually comes with an in-built asset library. These libraries have assets like royalty-free images, character cut-outs, BGMs, etc, that can be used in the course material. Most rapid authoring tools also offer gamification templates and themes that can be used to gamify a course in little to no time. 

With a rapid eLearning authoring tool, you do not need to pay for a separate online asset library or spend hours curating a library of free resources. Just make sure that your in-built asset library has a resource from a wide range of industries and disciplines. 

Make the rewards visually appealing 

The primary features of gamification of a course are the rewards that the learners receive at the end of taking a course in the form of a game. These rewards can be anything from a badge to some incentives. The rewards can boost the morale and motivation of the learners and the positive boost can lead them to engage with training programs even better. 

Thus, to add to the excitement and motivation, ensure that your rewards are visually appealing. Use designs and colors that catch the eye and match the theme of the topic that they have learned. 

Opt for interfaces that are easier to use 

Always choose a rapid authoring tool that has a user-friendly interface. Everyone on your team must be able to use the tool; not only those who have prior experience. These tools have a very rapid turnaround time and thus all the people in your team need to contribute their inputs to the gamification projects. To make it easier, choosing a tool with an intuitive interface, drag and drop features, can be a good solution. 

Deciding the perfect incentive 

When it comes to gamification rewards, it is important to remember that rewards can be very subjective. An incentive that is an exciting reward for someone might be completely useless for someone else. Thus, it is important to do some good enough audience research and understand what motivates your employees. This information enables you to decide on a perfect incentive. Choosing the right incentive can further help you choose the right rapid authoring tool for you so that you can design the course accordingly and embed the reward in it.


Gamification has been proven to be one of the most powerful tools in adult learning. And if you are looking for faster and cheaper alternatives to gamify your courses, rapid eLearning authoring tools are your perfect match. Using these 5 tips, gamify your courses in the easiest ways possible and watch your learner engagement grow. 


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