15 Netflix Hidden Tricks – How To Watch With Friends Using Keyboard Shortcuts in UK

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15 Netflix Hidden Tricks - How To Watch With Friends Using Keyboard Shortcuts in UK

It’s safe to assume that the first brand which springs to mind when people think of streaming shows and movies online is Netflix. If you are a UK resident and planning to watch shows coming weekend, Netflix contains a sizable library of excellent, original material for the UK region.

It continues to deliver new programming which viewers will enjoy, making it one of the best streaming services. With 17 million members in the UK, Netflix is the leading streaming platform. However if you’re seeking for a Netflix substitute, you must browse Howtowatchinuk.co.uk to look into other streaming platforms offered in the UK.

While you will come across a wide range of streaming alternatives on the website, every one of us is conscious of the fact Netflix has been dominating the streaming market in the UK for years. It’s regarded as the hub of classic Shows, flicks, and animations.

As a response to its growing audience, Netflix has added some features to make it more feasible. I can bet that even the most devoted Netflix enthusiasts are unaware of certain tricks and initiatives to enhance their binge-watching experience

And so in this blog, I have highlighted the 15 hidden features of Netflix, which will surely boost your viewing experience.

Netflix Techniques: 15 Secrets

1) See What’s Fresh (or What’s Upcoming)

Netflix constantly introduces new original shows & films, however, there is a lot of content to explore, making it hard to remain updated on the latest arrivals, particularly as all titles don’t display on the main page.

Like this, the streaming platform occasionally disables items to keep them interesting, so you might be confused as to why you can’t find something you had planned to watch. To see the most recent content, just choose “Latest” on the menu found at the top of the main page. You’ll see a complete list of Netflix’s latest films and shows. You can see what’s coming next by scrolling a little bit lower.

2) Request certain films and shows

Netflix has always unique & engaging content, but it’s frustrating when you can’t locate a particular show or movie. To remedy this, the streaming platform allows you to request anything you wish to watch which isn’t offered currently. Simply enter as many as three suggestions on the Title Request portal.

There is no certainty that the titles you like would be offered on Netflix – there may be clearance issues, or your preferences may just be too uncommon or bad to be accepted! – but if sufficient people are making the same suggestion, Netflix will take notice, so it probably wouldn’t hurt to let them know.

3) Genres & hidden subgenres

Genre is among the simplest methods to look through Netflix’s offerings. If you want a thrill, for example, you can pick the Action genre and afterward focus on the specific sub like Spy Actions or Action Comedies, etc. You may not even realize, however, that Netflix offers a wide variety of extremely hard sub-genres, each with a distinct code, to keep you focused on your search.

For example, the code for political comedies is 2700. You may find your material very accurately by checking Netflix ID Bible or Netflix Secret Categories.

4) Use Your Browser to Access Hidden Categories

There is a browser insert that makes it simple to view secret Netflix genres or codes if you are unable to access a separate site. Both Netflix Categories for Chrome and FindFlix for Firefox enable you to explore the various secret sub-genres with a single tap and access them directly to view their content.

5) Use a VPN and unogs to find content

Netflix currently runs in 95 countries and will keep growing. Since some countries get a greater variety than others, Netflix doesn’t upload the same content throughout all regions. Users from all over the globe can explore exciting, unauthorized Netflix content on the site unogs.com.

You simply type the name of a movie, or a show and the site will display similar stuff. Unfortunately, if Netflix does not broadcast it in your country, you cannot view this material. To access Netflix content outside of your home country, get a top-notch VPN, but be aware that Netflix can still identify you.

6) Netflix Roulette

Often the episodes or movies you see are the ones you simply happen to come across with no previous knowledge of. Netflix Roulette adds flavor to your streaming by choosing your on-screen content at random. Simply select the film or series you wish to watch then hit the Spin button.

By choosing a genre, restricting findings based on a particular rating range, or specifying the actors, you can improve your chances of finding a real treasure as compared to a total flop. When you’ve located something interesting, continue spinning your “wheel”; finally, to watch hit the Watch on Netflix icon.

7) Create a Customized Profile

After you register for Netflix, you are given instructions on how to register profiles per each member of your family who will utilize the program. This enables a maximum of five individuals to each have a unique Netflix session which is personalized with recommended and watched lists for great content. By accessing the Edit Profiles tab and choosing the Add Profile option, you can add new profiles at any moment.

8) For offline viewing, download Netflix content

Considering that Netflix is a streaming platform, internet access is required to view its content. But you can still watch your favorite shows and movies if you download them in advance to watch offline when you’re on the go.  When browsing the title’s summary page, select the one you want to download by hitting the Download icon. To ensure you do not exceed your storage and data plots, you may specify the video quality you desire.

There are several Netflix shows and movies that can’t yet be downloaded. Tap the three-line menu icon within the application and choose “Available for download” if you can only want to see the series and films which can be downloaded.

9) Keyboard Shortcuts

When using the Netflix app on a computer, these shortcuts will be of great assistance:

-F shall take you to full-screen mode.

-Enter or Space will pause and resume the movie.

-Use M to mute or unmute the movie.

-Use the up/down arrows to raise or lower the volume.

-Shift + left arrow will enable you to go back 10 seconds in the movie.

-By pressing Shift + the right arrow, you can forward the titles by 10 seconds (FF).

-Use the CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + D key if you’re curious about stream statistics.

-Using CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + S, access the control center to resolve to buffer.

10) Disengage the play-back function

Netflix’s Post-Play function is great for binge-watchers yet troublesome for most viewers.

The majority of users forget to turn it off after using it. To disengage this feature, visit the Playback Settings & click the “Play next episode automatically option.”

11) Clearing your watch history

Your viewing history can be deleted as follows if you don’t want other people to see it: To delete an episode or film from your viewing history, find the My Activity Page and select the X beside it. Furthermore, because of this, Netflix won’t be able to provide any suggestions based on that particular series.

12) Stream with pals

While time spent with pals is always pleasant, people regularly distance themselves from each other. In such situations, you may enjoy movies and series alongside your friends by employing the Netflix Party feature. They can utilize this feature if they own an active Netflix subscription. You can chat live whilst watching the movie due to this.

13) Resume or pause your membership

Visit your user account & choose “Cancel Membership” if you want to take a brief break from Netflix. For 10 months, Netflix would keep records of your browsing experiences allowing you to pick up wherever you left off at any moment.

14) Modify the streaming’s efficiency

Netflix offers the option to quickly switch plans by using its Change Plan tab, though you still have to spend more for greater quality. To access all the programming in ultra-HD quality, purchase a Red-Carpet subscription.

15) Customize the text or subtitles

You’ll be delighted to learn that Netflix allows you to modify the captions if you like watching films and series with them. Visit the Subtitles tab, personalize their design to your liking, and afterward enjoy your favorite show or movie!


Binge-watching is becoming popular amongst people due to Netflix. The movies and shows of today make it challenging to keep an eye on all of the unique updates. Luckily, this article goes over every important Netflix feature that every customer must be familiar with.


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