How to Reset Ceph Dashboard Admin Password

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In this blog post, you will learn how to reset Ceph dashboard admin password. The Ceph dashboard serves as a central hub for monitoring and managing Ceph storage clusters, providing a user-friendly interface.

Resetting Ceph Dashboard Admin Password

In instances where the admin password needs resetting due to security measures or forgotten credentials, the procedure involves interaction with the Ceph cluster’s command line.

Ceph dashboard user password can be set using the command;

ceph dashboard ac-user-set-password <username> [--force-password]

Ensure you have installed common ceph packages so you can be able to execute ceph commands directly.

Otherwise, just login to Ceph shel;

sudo cephadm shell

Create New Ceph Admin Password

To begin with, create a new ceph dashboard admin user password. Enter the password in a file.

Notice the space before the echo command below. This is to ensure that bash doesn’t store the password in the history.

[space]echo "myStr0ngPass" > ceph-dash-pass

Resetting Ceph Dashboard Admin Password

Once you create a password, you can reset it as follows;

ceph dashboard ac-user-set-password <username> -i <password-file>

For example;

ceph dashboard ac-user-set-password admin -i ceph-dash-pass

If the password doesn’t meet the minimum complexity required, you will get;

Error EINVAL: Password is too weak


{"username": "admin", "password": "$2b$12$wh5L5VOcYaroC8hh1qIWcOshlnN8bUXI6dguDQ9l1v7hEAarDllqG", "roles": ["administrator"], "name": null, "email": null, "lastUpdate": 1700163960, "enabled": true, "pwdExpirationDate": null, "pwdUpdateRequired": false}

Verify New Ceph Dashboard Admin Password

Now, go back to the browser, launch access to Ceph and check if the new password works;

How to Reset Ceph Dashboard Admin Password

If the password is correct, you will successfully login.

ceph dashboard

By following specific commands and authentication steps outlined in this guide, administrators can efficiently reset the Ceph dashboard admin password, reinforcing the security of the storage infrastructure. This ensures that authorized personnel retain control over the Ceph Dashboard, facilitating seamless administration and monitoring of the Ceph storage environment.

That concludes our guide on how to resetting Ceph dashboard admin password.

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