3 Internet Security Tips for 2022

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Many people are completely unaware of the pace at which the complexity of cybercrime advances. There will always be relatively easy-to-spot acts, such as poorly worded emails from addresses that look suspicious and contain a range of suspicious links. However, some acts of cybercrime, such as hacking and sophisticated malware attacks, can be difficult to spot, even with trained eyes. It is vital for all individuals who use online services to be aware of the methods that cybercriminals use to steal information and compromise accounts. It is a sobering fact that Americans lose $15 billion every year because of identity theft. This is a figure that is predicted to rise as more malware is created each day and hackers use more sophisticated methods to enter systems. This article explains three internet security tips that every person should use when they are online. 

Use a VPN (For Trading Purchasing or on Unsecured Networks)

A virtual private network (VPN) is an excellent way to protect your identity and your personal information when online. It works by transmitting your data to a secured remote server, which then acts as the source of your online activities. This means that internet service providers and hackers do not know what data you send and receive online. VPNs are a perfect choice for people who shop online or those who undertake online trading. Many traders are increasingly using sites, such as OKX, to trade new and emerging cryptocurrencies and digital assets, such as NFTs. By using a VPN to trade online, you are giving an extra layer of security to your actions, which can be vital when submitting financial information, even on the most secure sites. In short, VPNs are a worthwhile additional feature to use for online trading, shopping, or any other online activities where you submit personal or sensitive information. 

Update Antivirus Software

It may seem like an obvious tip to keep your antivirus software up to date, but it is one activity that many online users regularly forget to do. Having a good quality antivirus system is a key part of sound internet security, as this software can be the first point of defence against malware attacks on your tech devices. However, an antivirus program will need to be updated several times a year. This is because as new types of cyber threats emerge, antivirus software providers need to update their programs, so that they can respond to the latest threats. It is good practice to check your antivirus software regularly to ensure that it benefits from the latest security updates. 

Turn Off Bluetooth

The use of Bluetooth has reduced slightly in recent years, as there are now fewer applications that require the use of it. It can be easy to leave Bluetooth functionality switched on without realizing it, especially on smartphones. However, this practice should be avoided wherever possible. Hackers can use Bluetooth as an easy route into tech devices where they can then steal personal information and even gain access to login information and passwords if they remain undetected. It is especially important to turn off Bluetooth functionality when in a busy public setting, such as shopping centres or bars and restaurants. Hackers and cybercriminals cannot be identified by how they look, so it makes sense to limit the use of this feature when out in public to keep your tech devices secure. 


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