8 Handy Ways You Can Use A VPN In Your Everyday Life

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VPN’s aren’t just a thing for big corporations and tech gurus. You can use a VPN in your everyday online activities. They are very useful and give you a form of protection while you enjoy the web. They aren’t just used to protect remote networks. As an everyday user, you can find tons of useful ways to use a VPN. A VPN provides a secure tunnel through which your connection to the internet is passed. If you’ve heard about VPN’s but never used one for yourself then we’ve provided a list of uses that may help you to make a decision.

8 Ways You Can Use A VPN In Your Day To Day

Using a VPN is a great tool to help make your online experience much better. You can use coupons to help you get a percentage off your VPN subscription. You can use www.swagbucks.com or other coupon sites to find good deals. Most VPN services work on a subscription basis. You pay a monthly or yearly fee to have access to the various services offered by your VPN of choice. You’ll have to research the various VPN services available and decide on the best one for you and your needs. Below we have a list of everyday uses that you can put your VPN to. 

1. Watch Streaming Sites Without Slowing Down Your ISP 

Streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube are amongst some of the most used streaming sites. They use up a large amount of bandwidth that can slow down your ISP. Think buffering and slow-loading videos. They use so much that your ISP will throttle the connection in order to reduce the usage however, this results in slowing down the connection. The best way to get around this is to use a VPN. Persons who have had issues with slow speeds when using sites like YouTube have said that they no longer had issues once they use a VPN. 

2. Play Games Without Slowing Down Your ISP

Video streaming sites are the only things that slow down your ISP. Video gaming streaming services also take up a lot of bandwidth. The large amounts of file sharing can also result in your ISP throttling the connection. Using a VPN will stop your ISP from being targeted resulting in slower connections. Your ISP can be a target in part due to the game maker’s use of BitTorrent to share updates and bug fixes. BitTorrent is known for being used to share copyright material as such this can cause your ISP can be targeted and blocked. 

3. Watch Streaming TV From Other Countries

Thanks to Netflix and services like traditional TV networks have in a bid to compete, made their programming available online. This is great for convenience. The problem, however, is the issue of location. Most require you to be in the country of origin in order to access the programming. To get around this you’ll need a VPN. They reroute your IP address so that it will show your location in the country that you need it. Good VPN will have servers in a number of locations so that you have options to choose from depending on the country you need. 

4. Connect Safely To Any Wifi

Wifi connections no matter how sophisticated are open to vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can have you kicked off of a Wifi network or worst can leave you open to hackers. Hackers (the ones with malicious intent) get into your computer system through wifi network connections and once inside can wreak havoc. They also use the access to find your personal information such as credit cards and account passwords. They can also go after your address,  bank statements, sensitive emails and files, and other types of personal and sensitive information. Hackers breach your right to privacy and it can leave you feeling uncomfortable and wary about going online ever again. This is where a VPN can help. They act as an added form of protection for your network and computer system. 

5. Unblock Social Media

Some countries around the world have blocks on social media. Some of the reasons are to protect the most vulnerable and make internet use for specific purposes. Other countries block social media in order to prevent the free flow of information. If you travel to one of these countries it can be hard to contact family and friends through social media. VPNs allow you to get around this block. That means you can use your social accounts as you normally do. 

6. Protect Your Location Information

There are times that you may need to hide your actual location. This is true if you’ve traveled and don’t want thieves to take advantage of your absence. You may also want to keep others out of your business and movements, like an employer, coworkers, and other associates. You’ll want them to believe that you are at home. So what happens when you want to post a photo from your trip but you don’t want to let people know that it’s recent and you’re posting from the location? Simply use your VPN to set your location to your home location. 

7. Save Money Making Online Purchase

The algorithms for online stores help the companies to do things like track where their customer traffic is coming from. This helps them to plan their advertising campaigns and things like it. It also targets customers based on location. Depending on one where you are located the prices of certain things may change and increase every day you visit the website. This is true for things like airline ticket websites. Your location can drastically increase the cost of your ticket. Using a VPN can help you to get the best possible rates and fares. 

8. Protect Your Online Communications

No matter how secure the encryption of your communication apps there is still a level of risk involved. Your conversation can be hacked, monitored, and stored without your permission. The scariest part is that you won’t know that it is happening. A great way to protect yourself is to use a VPN to protect your information. 

After reading this I’m sure you’re well aware of what you can get done with a VPN. Of course as with anything else you’ll have to check out the different services available. You might be tempted to go for a free option. However, we recommend that you don’t. There isn’t much protection in free versions and you’ll negate the purpose of using it in the first place. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a VPN. There are tons of reasonably priced options that offer you a good list of benefits. You’ll be happy with all the options you’ll have available to you.


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