Academic Problems Computer Science Students Can Face


What is the best way to secure your future? By getting an advanced science education in school. If one gets good grades and makes his way to college, the future earning potential becomes huge. However, there are many problems that undergraduates, especially CS pupils, face when they try to get a college degree.

Computer science is a very lucrative degree program. Since we live in a digital world, many people are interested in getting a degree in a discipline that is quickly taking over the rest of the world, like computer sciences.

However, there are many challenges which people in this field face. Let’s take a look and see what those challenges are.

From increasing college costs to difficulty in getting jobs, there are many education problems that workers in the computer science industry face.

Academic Problems Computer Science Students Can Face

1. Cost of Science Studies

One of the major education problems that undergraduates face while joining the field of computer science is the education cost. Over the last few years, the cost of science education, especially that of university studies has increased manifold.

While for some people this has made getting educated difficult, it has taken the chance of getting educated away from others completely. Moreover, science students get student loans which are pretty hard to pay off once they leave college and start their careers.

2. Competition in the Computer Sciences Job Market

As more and more people are going after a computer sciences degree, the field is getting tough and competitive. “Even though new jobs are being created as the use of technology improves day by day, there are not enough opportunities for college computer sciences graduates,”- says Ruby Hazard, a writer from PapersOwl that specializes in educational issues.

Moreover, companies prefer undergraduates who have experience instead of fresh graduates.
To gain experience, undergraduates go for unpaid internships which are a financial strain as well.

3. Schedule Management Problems in Education

Designing a new website? Working on a programming code? With so many tasks at hand, and not enough time to do the CS, pupils tend to break down. In college, you need to manage your studies in schools, your part-time job, your family and social life, and a lot more and this gets hard and difficult.

As a computer sciences student, you need to make a schedule and then ensure that you stick to it.

4. Changing Computer Science Technology

As we said, computer science is an ever-changing field. With each passing year, we see new developments and innovations in the field of computer sciences. It is hard and difficult for people to stay up to date with all the new tech that is being developed.

As a result of this, only a few people are capable of understanding the new technology that is coming every year. Companies expect undergraduates to be updated on all the new industry tools but that is not possible.

After graduating from science college, you should keep working on your programming and coding skills that keep changing. Otherwise, your degree becomes obsolete and you are left with a worthless piece of paper in your hands. In the computer science industry, if you stop investing in your science education after you graduate, your degree won’t be of much use.

Companies such as Google and Microsoft hire graduates from all around the world. This means that the competition is very high. You not only compete against people from your own high school but trained computer science individuals from all around the globe.

Even though a computer science degree will open up many new paths for you in this world, you need to be aware of the challenges and education issues that you will face. From Javascript to CSS and HTML, you need to be aware of everything that is new in the education market. Make use of online education resources.

5. Flawed CS Education Exam System

The school education system of today needs an overhaul. There are many issues that undergraduates of today face while pursuing their CS degrees and education. One of the major issues that most undergraduates face is the flawed exam system.

Near exams, professors ask undergraduates to turn in so many assignments, quizzes, tasks, etc. that they have to study for hours. What happens is that the CS students start cramming instead of working hard to understand the knowledge.

This might work for undergraduates in other fields but has very deleterious effects on CS pupils as this academic field encourages robust thinking instead of cramming. This is not only about exams and papers.

Every day, professors give a lot of work to their CS students and they don’t have time to go through all the coursework. Even if a CS student is very bright, the excessive workload is bound to break their spirit and turn them away from studies.

Academic Problems Computer Science Students Can Face

6. Outdated Teaching Methods

What image do we get in our mind when we think of a science classroom? Young, restless undergraduates and a teacher droning about boring things in an equally boring way while writing on the blackboard. We live in a tech-filled, modern, digital age where this is no longer helpful.

A traditional style of CS lecturing in school doesn’t help in making the undergraduates understand complex ideas nor does it help to build the interest of the youngsters in the field of sciences. We need to incorporate audio and visual aids in day-to-day learning activities so that the undergraduates can focus.

Moreover, higher schools and education systems have a certain set of rules and regulations that their students have to follow. Even though this brings a sense of decorum in the classrooms, it limits the freedom of learning and teaching style of the CS teacher.

There is a lack of experienced district teachers, especially in public schools. In many school districts, the career options in the valuable field of sciences are not even discussed with the students.

When it comes to school administrators, many of them are unaware of the need to change the curriculum as set by the national center of information technology. They don’t focus on the professional development of the teaching population, and the teachers don’t learn anything beyond the commonly accepted, outdated methods of teaching.

CS education and subjects are bringing new options and opportunities to schools. However, we need to find a quality teacher to teach CS to the students of today.


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