The Silver Linings of Distance Learning


Did you ever think that you would be completing your graduation on a random day, staring at your laptop screen while sitting in your PJs? A few years back, distance learning was merely an optional mode of education for those who could not attend regular classes. But now, online classes are the new normal. 

The compulsion of getting educated online has resulted in drudgery, exhaustion, and irritation among the learners. The experience is quite the same for parents and teachers. But the truth is that things are not changing any time soon. 

So, all you can do is focus on making this experience better for yourself and everybody else involved. You can even sign up for sites such as or while you adjust to this new normal and make the most out of it. 

Distance Learning: A Bitter-Sweet Experience

Adapting to the online mode of learning has not been easy. Students can no longer go out and meet their friends in schools and colleges. The absence of a brick-and-mortar study setup has, to some extent, dampened the enthusiasm and competitive spirit among students. 

More often than not, parents can also be seen cribbing about the online mode of learning. Distance learning has increased the screen-time of students, leading to issues like backache, reduced eyesight, disturbed sleep routine, and so on. 

Even teachers do not find distance learning to be engaging. The monotony of recording video lectures for students, network issues while delivering live lectures, lack of discipline, and management during online classes make online teaching quite unattractive for the teachers.

The Silver Linings of Distance Learning

The situation seems like a punishment to all of us. But, no matter how gloomy it may look, distance learning has some positive aspects as well. All one needs to do is to change their perspective and focus on the brighter side. After all, it is always better to face reality and make it constructive rather than run away from it.

Freedom and Adaptability 

With distance learning, students get the freedom to learn anything from anywhere. There is absolutely no need to commute to school/college. The fact that there is no compulsion can make studying a tad bit fun and an interesting process. It has never been so convenient before.

The Flexibility of Time

Are you not productive enough in the morning hours? Fret not, as distance learning allows you to study any time. If you are at your productive best at midnight, go ahead! Do you wish to pursue your studies and work simultaneously? With distance learning, there is nothing impossible! You can study whenever you want to as per your convenience and preferred routine.

Better Accessibility 

Distance education does not require a regular commute from home to school/college. Students can attend the classes with just a laptop and robust Wi-Fi connectivity. Also, study materials can be easily downloaded online. The time and money saved from commuting and other requisites can be utilized in better endeavors. 


Online mode of learning has made students learn the art of self-motivation. Since there is no teacher around to keep an eye on daily assignments, students need to focus on studies on their own. If you wish to score well, you will have to study hard. This necessity is instilling major soft skills for further challenges in life. 

Help for Specially-Abled Students 

Distance learning has been a boon for specially-abled students. They can gain knowledge without stepping out of their comfort zone. Thus, education has become more inclusive and encouraging for them. 

The Chance to Enter Your Dream College 

If you have always dreamt of getting enrolled in your dream college but have not done so because of financial constraints or any compulsion, distance learning can be your savior. If you are studious enough, you can take your favorite online courses in your dream college and even bag a scholarship or a side job to support yourself financially. 

Greater Networking Opportunities 

Online learning is not restricted to the four walls of a classroom. High school students, as well as college-goers, can easily connect with industry leaders, experts, and professionals and gain useful insights from their idols.

Enhanced Technical and Management Skills

Distance learning makes you tech-savvy. While attending online classes on a regular basis, you gradually master video conferencing, word processing, online research, social networking, and so on. 

Students learn to manage their study schedule, assignments, zoom classes, all on their own. Thus, it will be safe to say that distance mode of education enhances management skills.

A Gateway to Added Opportunities!

The benefits of distance learning are not restricted to the aforementioned points. In fact, the online mode of education allows ambitious students to handle multiple courses at a time. You can carry on with your online undergraduate course. Simultaneously, you can take another professional course online. Distance education enables you to learn more in a short time and thereby enhances your chances of tasting success.


It won’t be wrong to say that distance learning is definitely here to stay for long. So, let’s shift our perspective and embrace the concept of online education. After all, change is the only constant, and right now, the global education system has altered for good. Teachers, students, and parents together should create a world where online education looks like a seamless process. 


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