The Best Mobile Apps to Help You Learn Programming


If you’ve ever doubted the power of programming, think of Google’s mind-blowing software for crawling billions of web pages to estimate their relevance, Spotify’s almost penetrating ability to recommend songs, and the power of hacking – all possible due to complex coding instructions. Like it or not, programming has become the language of the modern world.

AI-powered programs and sophisticated robots are seen as a serious danger to many professions, with a staggering 12 million jobs across Europe alone expected to be lost to the technology by 2040. Feeling anxious?

We look at the best mobile apps to help you learn programming in 2022 and master this one essential skill that seems future-proof.

Codecademy Go 

Compatible with both iOS and Android, Codecademy Go is a stellar educational app designed for beginners. And the best part is: it’s totally free. Owing to its smooth lesson structure, 14 available coding languages, and opportunity to craft a sophisticated portfolio, Codecademy Go is your best bet for embarking on your programming journey.

If you wish to unlock more advanced features, opt for a pro plan that costs $39.99 a month. The subscription plan will astound you with one-of-a-kind options to practice coding syntax, daily flashcards to help you remember more, guidance from industry professionals, and various academic resources. So, in between budgeting finances for expert college essay writers to boost your writing skills and planning for your trip, be sure to save up for this fantastic software to benefit from its amazing features for learning programming with ease.


Data camp is a fantastic mobile app for learning the essentials of Python and SQL. With a focus on data science and machine learning, this excellent software for newbies provides hands-on assignments that follow rigorous courses to ensure you’re ready for any programming challenge. Before committing to the full price, you may take advantage of free chapters offered at the beginning of each course to see if DataCamp fits your needs.


Google’s Grasshopper is a godsend for anyone trying to master the infamously challenging  Javascript. Free to use, this wonderful app not only boasts an outstanding course structure but also awards certificates upon successful completion. 

From animations to fill-in-the-blank puzzles to real-time feedback, Google is sure to leave you amazed with its engaging, interactive coding app. More and more digital marketing colleges are taking advantage of Google’s Grasshopper to help students boost their coding skills while having fun.  And with search engine behemoth’s authority growing almost day by day, it comes as no surprise that they opt for its mobile app.

Programming Hub 

Uncontestably the most content-rich app on our list, Programming Hub offers coding courses on everything from programming languages to software engineering and app development. It costs a mere $30 to unlock lifetime access to the whole universe of courses and certifications, and with each course featuring an extremely detailed description of what’s on offer- there will be no unpleasant surprises.

The Way Forward

Coding is the lifeblood of today’s digital-driven world; no marvelous application you use daily could function without it. Whether you wish to secure a high-paying job or develop a revolutionary application that can change the way we live and think- learning programming is your potent weapon for success. Be sure to leverage the best mobile apps to ensure you’re not at the wrong end of the technological revolution we’re witnessing.


Joanne Elliot is a student counselor and blogger. For over a decade, she has assisted students in coping with psychological stress and navigating their educational alternatives. In her free time, Joanne writes instructional blog posts on themes as broad as technology, education, fashion, science, and more. Readers love Joanne’s blogs for their insightful content.


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