Top Best Tools on the Web to Boost Your Prose 

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Online tools can help writers hone their writing skills by providing feedback on grammar, style, and structure. They can also be used to find helpful resources and guides to help improve writing

Online Writing Tools for Improving Your Writing Skills

Students get various writing assignments during their school and college years. Good writing skills are significant for everyone who wants to succeed in major disciplines. If you cannot express your thoughts clearly and your essay gets less than a C, this article is for you. It introduces the best tools to improve writing skills fast and perform writing assignments at a high level. 


Hemingway Editor is one of the Best Writing Apps on the Internet for those who struggle with readability. Students often overuse words and make long sentences trying to explain things. To use this app, one must visit and type or insert the text. This online writing tool colors words, word combinations, and sentences, which complicate fluent reading. The most problematic points are:

  • a passive voice that needs to be replaced with active phrases so as not to mislead a reader;
  • complex phrases that might have simpler alternatives;
  • complex terms that should be divided into several smaller ones;
  • sentences or a passage that  must be improved because it is tough to get the idea through wordy constructions;
  • adverbs that can be omitted or replaced with better variants.

Due to that, students learn how to make their essays readable and make use of every word. 


Do you have problems with synonymizing? Why is it essential to vary words and sentence constructions? Let’s clear it out. Have you ever seen posters for movies that look the same? For example, Christmas love stories usually introduce a couple in green and red clothes holding each other’s hands, and viewers often feel reluctant to watch them because they all look similar. Consequently, the lack of uniqueness kills the audience’s desire to watch the movie. 

Teachers also feel bored reading the exact words and ideas in your essays. Your writing becomes catchy when you improvise with structures, writing styles, topic presentation, and lexical filling. Quillbolt is a perfect online writing tool for getting an idea about paraphrasing and linguistic variation. Moreover, you can enhance the uniqueness level thanks to correct rephrasing.

Cliche Finder

Cliche Finder is on the list of tools to help with writing. Texts full of standard phrases sound boring. Overused expressions are usually used by a person who never reads books and gets stuck in bookish words that are not trendy anymore. Cliche Finder scans texts and introduces overused words and possible spelling mistakes below the text so that one can correct them or use unique lexical units instead of cliche phrases.


Grammarly is one of the most chosen online writing tools. It helps students tune the content, correct grammar mistakes, rephrase wrong linguistic constructions, and sound more convincing. Its Pro version has a plagiarism checker and a live assistant who can improve clarity and text correctness. It resembles Advancedwriters essay assistance that is available 24/7 and ready to help students with their academic load.

Among the available tools to help with writing, Grammarly is often on the top of the list due to its all-inclusive features. Nevertheless, one should proofread the text before sending it to a teacher because the tool can suggest corrections that have nothing to do with the correct content or stylistic peculiarities.

The Writing Mentor App

 It is one of the newest online writing tools provided by Google. It is easy to use thanks to a well-developed design and available options. The app analyzes your essay and provides feedback about things in which you are interested. There are four categories to understand if your assignment is well-developed, convincing, coherent, and well-edited. Thanks to that, you will know:

  • how well you have applied the chosen literature in relation to your claimed language and topic;
  • if your content reflects the desired topic and subtopics, depending on the given keywords;
  • how logical your idea presentation is;
  • if the used transition words suit the purpose;
  • how well you have structured your text;
  • whether your writing has grammar mistakes or wrong word choices.

If you cite sources using unfamiliar words, you can use the corresponding option to find synonyms. The tool offers corrections so one can click them and apply changes without needing to rewrite everything. It looks like Google Docs and Grammarly but is more detailed in corrections.  


This list of tools to help with writing is incomplete, so you can conduct independent research to select the best online helper. However, you will be impressed by how the above-presented apps and tools will help you perform your writing assignments faster and without mistakes.


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