How to become an Instagram Blogger in 2022


Do you dream of becoming a blogger, but something stops you? Are you afraid of competition and therefore cannot take the first step towards your blog on Instagram?

Today we will tell you why you should try social media activities and how to become famous bloggers without having to buy Instagram followers.

Top Reasons to Become a Blogger Today

The Instagram sphere is growing every minute. Each user on average spends at least 28 minutes a day on the social network. Freelancing is becoming more popular, new online professions are appearing, and there is already a whole team behind one blog! Can you imagine what opportunities for development await you in social networks?

You will make good money

Advertising, publishing information products, promoting your company and selling advice — all this can be done on Instagram and earn hundreds of thousands of rubles. There are many ways to earn money! You just need to catch the wave in this area.

You will constantly develop

Instagram teaches creativity and emancipation. Speaking confidently in front of the camera, how to come up with ideas for videos at the snap of your fingers, writing interesting texts and presenting information are the skills that a blogger learns in the process of maintaining an account.

At first, you will sometimes have to buy real Instagram followers, but soon you will learn how to work on camera so that you will only increase your fame through your work.

How do you decide what to blog about?

Even everyday routines and little things will resonate with the audience if you get high on what you are talking about. For example, how do you make your own coffee? There are a million ways to do it, which one did you choose? Tell people about it in stories, people would be very interested!

You don’t have to be a top designer or already a successful musician to become a blogger. Agree, the path of the hero is much more interesting than a successful result. Set goals, talk about failures, share your thoughts and build the life of your dreams in front of an audience!

Basic principles of blogging on Instagram

1. Post regularly.

If you posted a million stories today, and tomorrow one or two, the audience will lose interest, and the algorithms will stop promoting your account.

2. Engage your audience.

The more reactions, replies, comments, flipping stories back and forth, the greater the reach. If there is interaction with your blog, the platform understands that the page is interesting and shows you more often.

3. Rotate several topics each day.

If you don’t want subscribers to get tired of you, don’t load the blog with only benefits and don’t sell your products or services in every post. Alternate entertaining, useful and selling content.

4. Shoot from different angles.

No one wants to look at a talking head for several stories in a row. Shoot yourself from the side, in a full-length mirror, through the front camera, and you will not be scrolled.

5. Build story lines in stories.

You can even make a regular trip to the cinema a cool story. Show how you choose clothes, tell us about who you will go with, shoot a video of you wearing 3D glasses, and then tell us about your impressions of the movie. Agree, this is much more interesting than just a selfie in the cinema!


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