How cleaning service software drives productivity and profitability for cleaning businesses


Productivity in a residential services business like cleaning directly translates to better profitability. With growing opportunities in the cleaning industry as urbanization reaches an all-time high, it is important for cleaning businesses to maintain an optimum level of productivity to scale.

At this juncture, digitization plays a crucial role to maintain business momentum. Cleaning service software is a useful tool to improve productivity, and eventually businesses’ profitability – read more to find out how.

What is cleaning service software?

Cleaning service software helps a cleaning business manage its operations, resources, and workforce such that the execution of cleaning jobs happens productively. It does so via automating many manual tasks so that your workers can focus on delivering exceptional customer experience.

For example, cleaning service software can automatically collect cleaning job information from the customer, synthesize it into a job description template, assign relevant workers and resources, and share the job details with the worker. All this is executed without much human intervention in an asynchronous manner.

How does cleaning service software improve cleaning businesses’ productivity?

By bringing automation, here’s how a cleaning service software improves operations and overall business productivity:

  1. Optimization of resources: a cleaning business software considers existing inventory levels for cleaning chemicals and equipment, and uses algorithms to allocate them based on demand and workforce availability.
  2. Automates administrative tasks: a field service technician in the cleaning site can use the mobile app to request time off and no longer needs to make calls or attend the office for approvals. Automation of administrative tasks helps workers and managers to focus on service delivery.
  3. Mobile access: Zuper, a field service management software, provides mobile app access for workers. This helps with remote monitoring via GPS, real-time communication, sharing of job progress via media files, etc.
  4. Effective reporting: workers can report job status in real-time, and managers can troubleshoot remotely if required. It is also possible to share updates with customers about the cleaning job’s progress.
  5. App integrations: ensure your chosen cleaning service software includes the ability to integrate with existing tools for sharing and retrieving data seamlessly.

How does cleaning service software help overcome profitability challenges for a cleaning business?

Profitability is always a concern for residential services like cleaning business ventures. There is a constant need for recurring revenues, and for that consistent marketing is inevitable.

Here’s how cleaning business software helps maintain profitability:

  1. Accurate time tracking: many field service technicians are contract-based workers who are paid on an hourly basis. Accurate time tracking with timesheet management tools helps invoice fairly for the productive time spent by workers on the job.
  2. Consistent customer service: automated notifications, rescheduling options, and prioritization of customer support requests help improve customer retention and build trust in your brand.
  3. Prompt invoicing: cleaning service software is capable to use customizable templates that quickly use the completed job’s details to create and send the invoice to the customer. It automatically follows up till the payment is made.
  4. Financial forecasts: with automated billing, the software can study past data and forecast based on existing jobs, demand, and workforce availability. It will help you plan your finances by knowing how to invest existing profits and make hiring decisions based on demand. 
  5. Data-driven insights on operations: it is possible to make decisions on inventory, worker performance, decide target market based on analyzing work orders, etc by studying operational data. This opens new business opportunities and helps identify ways to cut operational costs.

Take your cleaning businesses’ productivity and profitability to a growth trajectory

While cleaning service software seems a promising choice for better business outcomes, you must define your systems and processes first. Ensure your operational workflows are documented so that your software vendor can help automate the manual tasks involved using their technology solutions.

Zuper offers its field service management software to the cleaning industry for streamlining and automating cleaning business workflows. Book a demo today and our consultants will review your current operations. They will guide you on how you can take the first step to integrate cleaning business software.


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