Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Customer Service


Have you ever wondered if you can make your customer service more convenient and less time-consuming? Whether you have a small or medium-sized business, you cannot deny how challenging and frustrating it is to answer similar questions from different people several times a day.

This is when artificial intelligence becomes helpful to business owners. Some AI technologies include inventory management, customer service, and online reputation management tools. As a business owner, you must learn to use these tools properly to reap their benefits.

This article will delve into how and why AI is the future of customer service and how you can maximize this technology to grow your business.

What is artificial intelligence, and how does it work?

Based on Encyclopedia Britannica, artificial intelligence or AI is the ability of a digital computer or a computer-controlled robot to execute tasks usually related to intelligent beings. Simply put, it involves computers mimicking human intelligence to solve problems and make decisions that humans normally make.

AI is further enhanced by learning through iterative processing and algorithmic training. Its disciplines include machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, cognitive computing, neural networks, and computer vision.

Through these processes, the computer learns how to respond to certain actions and make predictions. Later on, the programs and tools developed can help people accomplish their day-to-day activities and make their lives and jobs convenient. Moreover, it can help entrepreneurs improve their brand reputations using reputation management software

But despite the vast abilities of AI, it still cannot completely replace human intelligence and abilities. Therefore, you will still need a human customer service representative. However, it cannot be dismissed how beneficial AI is for the ecommerce industry, specifically in the customer service department.

The benefits of using artificial intelligence for customer service

As mentioned previously, artificial intelligence provides great tools to assist the ecommerce and customer service industry. Below are some of the benefits of AI that business owners can enjoy:

1. Handle large volumes of data and information

The more buyers you have, the more information about them you have to collect and remember for future references and analysis. But through the help of AI, you can now store and process all necessary data properly. In this way, you can access the information you need to solve problems, answer questions, and plan marketing campaigns.

2. Decrease Average Handling Times (AHT)

Many buyers complain about how long they have to wait to get a response from customer service. But nowadays, chatbots can answer frequently-asked questions and handle requests. Once the shopper clicks on a question, they will instantly see a response.

Artificial intelligence can also allow the buyers to track their orders easily and receive notifications about their delivery. This minimizes the time that would have been dedicated to answering customer queries.

3. Optimize and maximize resources

Programs and software powered by artificial intelligence can help businesses optimize all their resources, from customer service to reputation management tools. Instead of allocating most of their resources and money to customer service, they can now use it for other important things. Furthermore, it can help you predict and make crucial decisions based on the information gathered from the buyers.

4. Have more time to work on more complex issues

Artificial intelligence is already helping with menial tasks, like answering repetitive questions. Because of this, customer service agents can pay more attention to more complicated issues that require their time and effort. Also, using AI for your customer service allows you to work on more essential tasks, such as developing products and planning marketing campaigns.

How artificial intelligence can improve the customer experience

Artificial intelligence used in customer service not only reduces the work of the agents but also improves the experience of the shoppers. Therefore, it leads to a more pleasing relationship between the brand and its buyers. Here are some ways AI can improve the customers’ overall shopping experience.

1. Promoting self-service

Through chatbots, customers can now get answers to their simple inquiries. In addition, they do not have to wait for agents to respond to them, making their interaction with customer service simple and short. This tool also allows them to go through the FAQs before consulting with an agent, promoting independence and self-service.

2. 24/7 availability

Because ecommerce is already global, you will encounter buyers from different parts of the world. Once you use AI, you do not have to worry that no one will answer your customers’ queries because it is always available. This also contributes to more satisfied shoppers, affecting your sales.

3. Having happy customer service agents 

If your customer service agents do not have to answer frequently-asked questions, they will become more enthusiastic about serving all your buyers who have more serious concerns. And once they are happy, they can respond more quickly and lively and not irritated.

The future of AI and customer service: Conclusion

In conclusion, artificial intelligence is crucial in running your business because of its several benefits. For example, it can help in personal online reputation management, inventory and sales management, and customer service. Some of its benefits to customer service are decreased AHT, increased time for other responsibilities, and all-day availability.

Even though it seems that AI might replace humans working in customer service, you must know that it will not be a perfect system. So, business owners should still train agents and allow them to work with AI to provide better services.


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