Tips and Tricks to Play 3rd Person Mode in Modern Warfare 2

Tips and Tricks to Play 3rd Person Mode in Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 features a 3rd person mode where gamers see the game from either shoulder of the character. 3rd person shooter games like this modern warfare 2 allow players to see the full view of the area. 

Players looking to see a different perspective on their gaming will love 3rd person gaming. However, since many players are already used to playing 1st person modes, switching to 3rd person mode can be confusing. 

In addition, it’ll take a while to get used to the perspective and properly utilize the new features. Modern warfare 2 has added the new 3rd person mode to the game, and players are scrambling to enjoy it. 

5 Tips to Play 3rd Person Mode in Modern Warfare 2 

Following laid down tricks can help you better understand the 3rd person’s perspective; some players prefer to follow COD mw1 & MW2 cheats. Here are some tricks and tips to quickly for players to play 3rd person mode in modern warfare 2:

  1. Tweak the FOV Slider

The field of view slider adjusts the FOV to the desired range. So, before playing, make changes to the FOV to get your most suitable settings. 

You can reach the location by tapping on ‘options’ in the menu, tapping on the ‘graphic section,’ and then the ‘3rd person field of view”. From here, you can adjust the FOV to a suitable view. You can also leave it at the default 80, which is great for fast gaming.

  1. Learn How to 3rd Person Corners

The 3rd person modes allow you to view around corners without exposing any part of your body. Players can stay hidden while viewing corners to see where opposing players are staged. 

This trick makes you a more aggressive shooter since you immediately go for the kill knowing the position of the other players. 

This 3rd person corner also means opposing players can see you from their corners if you’re standing in the open. It’s a two-way thing; you need to protect yourself and expect fire in the open.

  1. Learn Shoulder Swapping

Shoulder swapping is the ability to peek around your character’s left or right shoulders. 

Being able to do it quickly can help you see through the left and right shoulder interchangeably. It is perfect when standing at the side of a wall and trying to view 3rd person’s corners on each side.

Do shoulder swapping by pressing your stick down. Try practicing this tip a few times in the game to get used to the changes and build your eye-to-hand connection to improve the speed of action.

  1. Stair View

When crouching on a stair to avoid enemy fire, you can also view above you to see the enemy’s position without exposing yourself. With this, you know when to climb the stairs and attack. 

It works both ways, with opposing players crouching on stairs to see you if you’re exposed above the stairs.

  1. Better Perspective in Mouse and Keyboard

Changing the perspective of the game is the biggest pull for 3rd person mode, which allows players to switch the view on each shoulder to see a wider field of view. However, switching views is not possible when running or sliding. 

When playing on a mouse and keyboard, you can make some adjustments that’ll allow you to switch perspectives from one shoulder to the other while doing other activities. 

For example, you can switch perspectives while running, sliding, and flipping. Go to “gameplay setting,” then to “movement and advanced settings,” before scrolling to “change camera side shred input” and selecting with a “dedicated keybind.” 


The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 3rd person mode is on every player’s lips. The last time COD had a 3rd person mode was over a decade ago, so it is understandable that many COD players have not played it in 3rd person mode before. 

Players want to know what this means to gameplay and how they can quickly get used to this mode to jump ahead of the pile. Here, tips and tricks about the game mode, including some vital differences from first-person mode, are helpful.


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