Is Linux the Best OS for Computer Science Students

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As a computer science student, there are a handful of operating systems (OSes) for you to consider. The most popular system applications are macOS, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS. Each of these OSes has various features and tools suitable for students. In addition, there are benefits and demerits to using each software.

In particular, a Linux operating system is a unique application. It is open-sourced and has a large community of users, which form an excellent support system. If you are thinking of getting a Linux operating system, this article is for you. Below are some points regarding Linux you ought to know.

Open-Source OS

Being a computer science student in training, knowing the ins and outs of the operations of this technology is essential. As such, you will need to have a deep understanding of system software, including the front-end and back-end. Among all the operating systems in circulation, Linux is the only OS that gives users complete access to each option and feature. This ability is a sharp contrast to what you get when running a macOS or Windows. In addition, if you are stuck while coding or developing a program, you can easily refer to hundreds of forums and discussion boards on the internet.

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Excellent Security Architecture

Unlike Windows, Linux has an excellent security framework. As such, this operating system is impervious to various cyber-attack types. Below are some explanations for why this OS is not affected by viruses.

  • The open-sourced nature of the software allows everyone to check vulnerabilities and loopholes in the system framework.
  • The files in the system are not downloaded and installed without the user’s consent.
  • Most Linux users are technically inclined, which reduces the chances of them exposing themselves to viruses and malware.
  • Damage cannot be made to the OS without access to the root.

In addition, the operating system has a strong firewall against hackers due to quality repositories and better management of packages. Likewise, the primary system software is regularly updated by the community, which ensures the quality of security. For all these reasons, there is less need for antivirus applications. As such, you will save the money that you would otherwise use for such apps.

Works Best for Coders

While studying computer science, you will have to create your own programs and produce numerous lines of code. The Linux OS is user-friendly for programmers and coders. Hence, you can simply run programming languages like Python and Java without any difficulties. In addition, the compilation of programs performs quickly.

Similarly, programmers wanting to implement their knowledge find it easier with Linux. In particular, you can improve the marketing aspect of your clients. Likewise, you may easily and quickly collaborate without stakeholders with the OS.

Access to Regular Software Updates

As stated, Linux has an excellent security apparatus due to regular system updates. Beyond that, these system upgrades of the computer’s ecosystem ensure it has a modern outlook. In addition, updates are made even if there are no viral security defects. As such, the safety of your computer is always in top condition in anticipation of future threats.

Free to Use

Unlike other OSes, you do not have to spend money to use Linux. You can easily access, download, and install the application without difficulty. Therefore, you may channel your savings for more important tasks. You can try buying cheap essay writing help for your school work. As such, you can save money while getting decent grades.


Today we explored the question of whether the Linux operating system is the best choice for a computer science student. We looked into several benefits this system application has over other OSes and established its perks. As a computer science student, you will likely find a lot of benefits in using this operating system.

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