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It’s 2020 folks! Welcome to a new decade and the best time to land your dream job.The number of vacancies in the information technology field is growing rapidly, which means that it is an excellent moment to apply for the top positions you’ve been aiming for. In fact, the current employment industry is desperately in need of fresh talent.

However, this fast upgrading of technologies also leads to job displacements and replacements. So, you should also be ready to get new skills to remain a sought-after specialist.If you want to build a career related to Windows Server solutions but unsure where to start, here’s an ideal starting point, the Microsoft 70-740 exam. 

Let’s find out the main features of this test and what you should know to fulfill its requirements and get MCSA certified. So, let’s start with the details of this credential.

What Does MCSA: Windows Server 2016 Credential Entail?

Upon completing your Microsoft 70-740 exam together with 70-741 and 70-742 tests, you will qualify for the Exam-Labs badge in Windows Server 2016. Click Here to Visit (70-740) from Exam-Labs. This certification is known to confirm if an IT professional can provide more business value and lower the costs involved in installing functional business environments. Earning this credential also implies that you are better prepared to work as a Computer Systems Administrator or a Network Specialist.

What Should You Know About Microsoft 70-740?

Installation, Storage and Compute With Windows Server 2016,also known as Microsoft 70-740 exam,is ideal for IT Specialists ready to confirm their Windows Server 2016 skills. It is the first test out of the mentioned three that you should pass to get certified. The exam will cost you $165 and to pass it, you should achieve a passing score of about 70%.

The Microsoft 70-740 exam measures your ability to accomplish various tasks in several domains. In general, to successfully ace the assessment, you should be familiar with Windows Containers and Storage Solutions, be able to implement High Availability and Hyper-V, and also know how to work with Host, Compute, and Server Environments. To explore the list of exam objectives in-detail, you can visit its page on the official Microsoft Teams MS-700 website.

Considering the registration fee which you need to pay for every attempt and quite a high passing score, it will be useful for you to know some preparation tips and resources to pass the test on your first trial.

What Are the Top Tips for Passing Exam 70-740?

Understand the Exam Objectives

Before scheduling any test, it’s important to explore all of its details. The perfect place to find this information is Microsoft’s website. Pay attention not only to exam duration and question types but also to the topics which you are required to know. Your preparation should be strictly focused on these specific objectives. Then, you can create a study plan and follow it when studying and reviewing. This will help you find out the key areas that need more emphasis.

Create a Personal Training Lab

As you may already know, the 70-740 exam focuses on your technical knowledge as well as hands-on skills. For this reason, it will be helpful to set up a personal lab environment to get some practical experience that will be useful on your exam and in your day-to-day working responsibilities. Thankfully, Microsoft sponsored training materials in both instructor-led or self-paced format will help you with this and you’ll easily and get the much-needed hands-on skills as you await in the actual test.

Invest in the Right Training Materials

If you want to pass your Microsoft 70-740 at the first try, then you will have to prioritize reliable training materials. First, you can opt for the Microsoft training course 20740A or official books among other options. Also, to broaden your list of resources, you can use exam dups from dependable sources. These are the collections of questions and answers from past exams compiled by recent test-takers. And since the main challenge is to find valid dumps, we’ll tell you about one of the most popular sites with such materials — Exam-labs.

Where to Find Reliable Exam Dumps? is a widely accepted provider of updated training materials that are fitting even for candidates on a budget.It offers both paid premium resources and free exam dumps which will amplify your skills and build stamina to endure a 2-hour long MCSA test. 

What about the 70-740 exam, the Premium Bundle for it is available for $59.99 and includes three types of materials: the ete file verified by experts, a training course of lectures, and a 517-page study guide.

To open these ete files, be sure to download the ETE Exam Simulator that will also enable you to take mock tests at will. Don’t worry about compatibility because this software works just perfectly with Windows, Android, and Mac devices. Using this player, you’ll have an insight into the real testing environment and will be more confident when taking your main exam.


In case you work in IT and want to be competitive on the market, it’s always a smart idea to get a proper credential. IT certifications are known to shape an individual’s long-term career by evaluating their ability to work with the latest technologies. If getting top-notch skills in Windows Server 2016 sounds attractive to you, you will have to pass exam 70-740 to start your path to the MCSA badge.

And now you know all the important steps you should follow to get certified, so it’s time to schedule your exam and start your preparation with the help of reliable materials including exam dumps from


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