Tuesday, January 4, 2022

How to Monitor Disk Input/Output on Linux

In most cases whenever your Linux Server experience a performance slow down, the first thing you would want to check is the CPU or Memory usage using top, htop or any othet command. However all my seem well except the I/O Wait (wa, %iowait), a form of CPU idle time when nothing could be scheduled since the CPU has...

How to Measure Memory Usage in Linux

Linux provides a handful tools for measuring and checking memory usage. In this tutorial, we are going to learn a quite a number of these tools so that we can be able to troubleshoot any memory related issues. free free command is one of the most popular commands for checking free and used physical memory as well as swap space on...

How to Measure CPU Usage in Linux

CPU is critical to every other system operations. If a process consumes too much of CPU such that it becomes unavailable to other process, it causes performance bottleneck. Therefore, in order to troubleshoot any CPU related problems, you can use any of the following tools. iostat The iostat command is used to report the CPU statistics as well as input/output statistics...