6 Technology Trends in 2022 That Will Affect The Security Industry


Now more than ever, individuals, organizations, and legislators want to ensure that new technologies are created, used, and protected in ways that can be trusted. In this article, we tell you what technology and security trends that will be relevant in 2022.

1. Hybrid solutions

The horizontal world in security and technology has received a lot of attention in 2021. In terms of the future, this means that cloud technology, local servers, and processing directly into endpoint devices will increasingly be used together as part of hybrid solutions.

It became apparent that the question of architecture is unique to each customer and must take into account both internal company resources and policies, as well as external factors such as local and international legislation.

2. Cybersecurity needs a healthy skepticism

With millions of connected devices, cyber security architecture in the form of network perimeter protection is an outdated concept that has been rightly criticized. We need a new model, which is why “zero-trust” network architecture has become the standard today.

The transition to a ‘zero-trust’ network architecture continues apace, and it is now safe to say that these networks will become the de-facto standard. The COVID-19 pandemic has also played its part, as the shift to remote working has meant that many devices previously used within companies are now connected remotely via the public Internet. This applies to both employees of companies and students who have moved to online learning and the use of various resources, including write my essay services for effective study processes.

3. Full authentication

The authenticity of a surveillance camera signal is of utmost importance because video surveillance must be undeniably authentic. The security industry needs to come up with a common standard concept for video verification. This could include, for example, adding a digital signature to the video stream during video capture (a hash value in each frame). The signature would help to establish that the video was taken from a specific camera and has not been altered since then.

In addition, the use of open-source software could be a step forward.

4. Further spread of artificial intelligence with appropriate controls

Every day we use convenient services based on artificial intelligence and services based on deep learning. But increasingly there is a question of the need to regulate the use scenarios of new technologies. All companies using AI must comply with local, regional, and international laws and regulations governing the development and use of AI technologies and applications. Many of these regulations are yet to be established.

In 2022, the use of artificial intelligence will continue to spread in all areas of activities. But at the same time, government and businesses will pay more attention to initiatives that ensure its ethical use.

5. COVID-19 as a catalyst

The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic will be long-lasting and severe. New technologies are constantly being introduced and supply chain management is changing.

The principle of “connected devices” around the world means that a global shortage of semiconductors has become a serious problem in many sectors, from consumer technology to automotive manufacturing. In turn, this has led to a growing number of organizations, including Tesla, Apple, and Volkswagen, publicly announcing their intentions to develop their semiconductors or systems on chip (SoC – System on Chip). This approach could become a trend in some sectors. Of course, developing SoCs built for specific solutions is something that experts expect more organizations in the security market and beyond.

6. 5G networks show increasing potential

The potential of 5G networks extends beyond consumer software applications to become a valuable technology in business.

Private 5G networks are showing real potential in the context of video surveillance at large and geographically dispersed sites, and this could bring distinct cybersecurity benefits.


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