Thursday, January 13, 2022

How to Install and Setup GRR clients on Ubuntu 18.04/Debian 9

Welcome to our guide on how to install and setup GRR clients on Ubuntu 18.04/Debian 9 servers. Before you can deploy GRR agents, you need to have a running GRR server. We did a tutorial covering installation of GRR server on Ubuntu 18.04 in our previous guide. Once you have the GRR server ready, proceed as follows; Install and Setup...

Install GRR Incident Response Framework on Ubuntu 18.04

Hello folks. Today we are going to learn how to install GRR incident response framework on Ubuntu 18.04. Google Rapid Response (GRR) is a python based incident response framework that focuses on live forensics and investigations. It enables security analysts to examine and attacks and perform analysis remotely. GRR is deployed in a server-client architecture. The GRR server provides a...