Qualities To Look For In A Good Dispatch Software


Dispatch software is a program that tracks and delivers messages to a different group of people at once. The dispatcher also needs to get reports from field staff. So this software should not only allow them to track their messages, but they should also make it easy for the dispatchers to send their messages. Anybody can use a touch-tone phone to send messages from software, not only the dispatcher.

Qualities To Look For In A Good Dispatch Software

The following are some of the qualities you need to look for when choosing dispatch software:

1.) Time Stamping

If you choose an application with time-stamped features, you’ll be able to monitor how long it takes your employees or workers to do their assigned tasks. This is very important because there will always be times when the dispatchers or managers will need to know how much time it takes for an employee in the field to accomplish a task. A computer-aided dispatch software from 10-8systems.com will timestamp the date and time holding or taking a particular event in a specific place. Timestamping is also used to track and monitor what events were recorded by the software at a specific time.

2.) GPS Location Tracking

If your application has GPS tracking, you can monitor your employees 24 hours a day. Your employees can get their work done faster because you won’t have to call them anymore to update their projects. Also, with GPS tracking, if there is an accident during their work hours, you can get assistance from other workers right away without needing to get out of your seat. You can go directly into action mode instead of worrying about getting a massive data report after all the damage is already done.

Qualities To Look For In A Good Dispatch Software

3.) Online messaging

The application should also allow its users to communicate through text messaging or instant messaging. This will further encourage all personnel to work efficiently and quickly since their dispatcher is just a click away. When you send your message, it can be read anytime by anyone, even if they are offline at the moment—regarding this, no more wasted time for this person to inform everybody of what has been going on on their end. They can now view the message as soon as they log in from the convenience of their own homes without any hassle or delay.

4.) Desktop Notifications

For an effective business meeting, your employees or workers should have their desktop notifications active at all times. This will enable them to respond faster whenever you send a message through your dispatch software. They can now behave like they are working for one big company instead of being employed by different companies with different policies and have different rules to follow. This can boost your productivity because instantaneous decisions are now allowed due to effective communication within the team.

5.) Time Entry

The system should allow time entry by employees filing reports from remote locations. So you’ll be able to determine how much time it takes an employee before accomplishing a specific task. If there is a delay in doing that activity, they may have encountered some problems during the process, so your managers can assess that immediately. If this feature is not yet included in your dispatch software, you can always add it using third-party tools like Google Calendar. It might cost an extra, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

6.) Custom Reports

You should get a dispatch system that will allow you to generate reports on demand. You’ll need this, especially when you want data on specific employees or tasks that have been done by your workers before. This feature is excellent if you wish to measure the productivity and efficiency of your team since they can produce reports based on specific dates, times, and locations. They may also separate task activities into repetitive tasks, callbacks, and more. So if ever there are new hires or personnel terminations, you can always refer back to their previous report for reference purposes.

7.) System Integration

If you’re using different software for tracking and dispatching purposes, try to see which software can integrate with your current system. This will be very helpful, especially if you have to meet a tight deadline for a specific job or project. You won’t need to worry about time lapses or large amounts of data transfer because everything will be automated, so no more hassle of going from one application to another to see what has been done before by your employees. There should also be an option for this dispatch program to sync with Google Calendar and Outlook.

Good dispatch software should have all of these features. You can check out various companies that offer this type of program for your convenience and security purposes. These programs are designed to keep every team member updated with their current progress, so you will not be disappointed by how things work out.


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