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JavaScript Object Notation, commonly known as JSON or Jason is a data format for sharing and saving data. It is used for exchanging data between web pages and servers. JSON could also be used for serializing data that is sent over a secured network connection for easy transmissions. Moreover, it comes up with human-readable syntax which could be viewed using an online JSON viewer.

JSON is one of the best data formats which has proven to be useful in storing data and accessing it in a fast yet easy way. The best thing about JSON is that it is compatible to be used with modern programming languages. Web servers and APIs are also using JSON data for providing public data.

What is a JSON Viewer?

It is a web-based application that is used for viewing JSON data validation, editing, and formatting it. It can also be used for beautifying the JSON data to increase the readability so that other programmers can understand the working of different blocks. In a JSON viewer, you can preview the data in a tree view format as it highlights the structure in a better way. Developers have renamed the online JSON viewer as JSON validator, JSON formatter, JSON parser, JSON beautifier, JSON minifier, JSON editor.

All these utilities are an important part of a developer’s tool-kit who is managing the JSON part of a web. However, using different tools for checking JSON data is a cumbersome project and humans are also prone to make mistakes when their minds are busy multitasking. What if you can use them all using one tool which does not even require installation? Well, that is what https://jsononline.net/ has in stock for you.

Storing, Viewing, and Accessing JSON data

JSON is stored in the form of objects which are accessed using variables. You have to enclose the variable’s value in curly braces to indicate that the value is an object. Declare any property inside the object with a name: value pairing. Referring to the name of a property in the JSON file reader, you will be presented with the information stored in it. Use the below-mentioned snippets in the online JSON viewer to access the data for validating it.

  • Store JSON Data in Arrays

In this method, we store JSON data in arrays. Enclose more than one object in a square bracket to store them in the form of an array. It is helpful when you have more than one value of the same type. Using this type of data storage is beneficial for accessing more objects in less time, with one statement. Open the JSON file in the online JSON viewer and call the array index to access the file.

  • Nesting JSON data

Nesting is another effective yet easier way of accessing objects through variables in a faster way. Information stored in a nested format is easier to understand as it is stored in a well-structured format. Organizing the data in nested statements makes accessing them faster. Moreover, organized data is easier to understand for maintenance purposes in case the development and maintenance team are different.

Why should you use JSON?

  • JSON is easier, faster, and simpler

JSON syntax is easy to comprehend and use. It provides a convenient way of storing data and parsing it for the swift execution of programs. Since JSON formats are light weighted, the online JSON viewer easily loads them to verify against JSON standards and validate as per the user requirements. Responses generated from web pages and servers using JSON data are proven to be faster as compared to other data exchange formats.

  • JSON provides Schema Support

JSON and online JSON viewer is compatible to be used with multiple operating systems as all kinds of web-browsers support it. Switching between browsers to check your data works as expected is not a big deal as JSON executes the same on all kinds of internet browsers without issuing any compatibility warnings.  

  • JSON offers Server Parsing

Parsing is the key factor in making your website load in minimum time. Users can only experience swift and trouble-free data fetching with parsing. Therefore, JSON parsing is a strong point that provides developers the ease of server-side parsing. You can view whether your program is parsed as expected with the help of an online JSON viewer.

  • Data Sharing Utility

Whether you want to share data in the form of audio, video, text, just to name a few, JSON readers will read them all and help you to share effortlessly. JSON data is stored in arrays which makes accessing it easier than other types of data-formats available to date. Web development and web APIs are considered to be incomplete without JSON.

In the End

The online JSON viewer can be used for viewing the structure of data to check how information flows between web pages and servers. Calling this utility as an indispensable tool would not be wrong. You can use this all-in-one utility to deal with JSON files and data without installing any application.


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