Effective Apps For Writing Your Dissertation Or Thesis


Academic writing requires you to follow numerous rules on grammar, formatting, structure, and referencing, among others. These side activities may take all your time and still leave you with the anxiety of poor performance. Technology has made it easier to complete these academic papers and ensure the best outcome. 

Effective Apps For Writing Your Dissertation Or Thesis


Dissertation writing apps reduce the time it takes to complete the paper. The apps will also help you to achieve higher accuracy levels, hence improving your grade. Here are the best apps to write your thesis or dissertation. 


Grammarly has a reputation for helping you to master the language of writing. It highlights errors in punctuation, spelling, choice of words, and phrasing, among others. You can avoid worrying about your language or spending too much time writing by hiring a masters thesis writing service online to complete the paper on your behalf. 

Grammarly offers incredible free features that will still improve your writing. The features available on subscription will transform your writing. They include plagiarism checking, capturing repeated words, and poor phrasing. It is easy to use and can be installed on your phone to help you to write your paper wherever you wish. 

Google Docs 

Google Docs is a cloud-based writing and storage platform. It allows you to write your paper wherever you are without having to drag your gadgets like computers and laptops. You will maintain one document that is not transferred from one computer to the other. 

Google Docs is also a perfect collaboration app. It allows you to forward your dissertation to a supervisor who will assess your work and return it for correction without having to download or print the thesis. The platform looks like your ordinary word-generating software. 

The cloud storage function on Google Docs makes it a repository for your research materials. You can store e-books, data collected, images, audio files, and links that you intend to use in your writing. These materials are accessible on any gadget by login into your Google account. 


Referencing is a crucial part of any academic writing. It helps you to attribute ideas to the rightful authors and direct readers to where to find more details about the ideas you have discussed in your paper. The references and citations must accurately capture all the details in the prescribed order. A referencing app will make it easier to complete this task. You can also get an original paper on any topic from the best thesis writing services online to make your work easier. 

RefMe allows you to choose the formatting style stipulated in your instructions. By randomly entering the details on the platform, you will automatically generate the references and citations. You can change them from one format to the other for other papers. 


Turnitin is one of the best plagiarism checkers. It highlights the copied areas and will also direct you to these sources. This makes it easier for you to correct the affected sections and submit the original work.

Writing apps will reduce the time it takes to complete a dissertation or thesis. They ensure that the paper adheres to the writing requirements provided. These apps make writing your paper interesting and accurate. 


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