Interior design tips for upgrading your dorm room


You are a freshman so you are starting a new and exciting chapter of your life. It is finally time to start exploring the campus, college life, plus everything there is about your university of choice. Finally, one gets that opportunity to taste freedom and get the best education he deserves. That freedom means partying, socializing, and finding cool ways to rearrange your room at one’s campus. That is one great way to express one’s individuality plus impress your new friends or fellow students. We will give you a few ideas on how to do some interior upgrade to your personal space but the rest is up to you and your creativity.

1. Wall Colour Says A Lot About One’s Personality

Most dorms are quite monotonous in their design and appearance and could use some liveliness, and what better way to do that than designing walls. One must be careful not to break some dorm rules about rearranging his room, but generally, a student is allowed to make some personal adjustments. Those best colleges will allow students to paint their walls in all the colors of a rainbow.

Interior design tips for upgrading your dorm room

That is if they promise to paint them back to their original state once they leave, so do not be shy to spray those walls even if you are not an art major. Choose one color or a combination that calms you down and helps you concentrate while studying. That is the real choice that will make one’s writing assignment as painless as possible.

2. Get Some Quality Furniture

Sitting on homework for a long time can cause big back problems, so a good solution would be to buy an essay now, forget about at least one subject for a while, and free up time for rest or warm-up. There is no shame in getting expert help when a student needs to write and also prove his thesis in his work. Long hours spent writing also requires one comfortable chair and a suitable desk.

The word IKEA comes to mind but any desk or chair will do if it feels right to you. When a writer does his essay research, updating bedroom ideas is the last thing on his mind, but the student’s surrounding is very important. This is because comfy surrounding brings him peace and focus needed for his studies to go smooth. 

3. Shed Some Light On The Situation

Lighting quality is always essential, not only for those who write essays and attend their daily classes. We are not talking just about lighting appliances but natural light which is equally important. There is one trick among many cool things for your dorm room that concerns lighting.

That is the proper usage of mirrors to amplify natural light sources. Keep those windows open and get some big mirrors that will stand right across those windows. This will not only bring enough light in but will also make one’s dorm room look bigger. Mirrors with some fancy frames will also make each room look elegant and luxurious.

4. Nothing Bring Style Like Curtains And Drapes 

College is a school like any other with its class schedule plus lessons to be learned, but that doesn’t mean that one cannot enjoy a bit of elegance. Nothing brings that aristocratic vibe better than stylish curtains that transform one boring room into a fancy salon for social visits. If you wish to design dorms as you please, curtains or drapes are some good starting points.

Another great accessory for college dorms is one soft carpet that can come in many styles, like Persian or Indian. These are colorful, plus they come cheap, but they do wonders for interior design and the overall room vibe. Find a nice combination of curtains and rugs but make sure they are color-coordinated plus made from some similar material.

Interior design tips for upgrading your dorm room

5. Do Not Forget About Bookshelves

One chooses a nice college because he wants the best kickstart for his future career and every college book he reads brings him one step closer to that goal. All those books must end up somewhere so why not transform those shelves into one catchy object that everyone will notice once they walk inside. 

Wooden shelves are everyone’s favorite but there are other interesting options too. One can find cheap but beautiful shelves online, but can also make some out of different materials. Try improvising and making some unique bookshelves. Turn on imagination and with some plastic tubes, wires, and a bucket of paint one can make miracles.

6. Student Needs Some Rest Too 

Knowing how to make a dorm bed comfortable is an art form of sorts. It is one sacred place for every student where he recharges his batteries. Do not spare money on some good mattress plus a pillow that will bring a much-needed rest for your brain and your body. 

Maybe one’s bed is not the most stylish object in his room but his purpose is not bringing elegance but peace of mind. Some nice thick blanket with a fancy design might help with that. Every spot in one’s dorm room can be beautified with a little effort.

We hope that students can learn a valuable fashion lesson from our tips, but tastes are different and they should be, or otherwise, things would be boring. Bringing some livelihood into dorm rooms can improve not just its look, but the overall quality of one’s academic performance. Keep that in mind and you will have one of the best college experiences ever. 


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