Best Messaging Apps and Websites for Students


Messaging apps and websites make it easier for students and teachers to share assignments, progress reports, and important reminders to avoid inconveniences. Plus, tutors can use these tools to communicate with parents and share study materials and tips that they can use at home to help students get good grades. Communication in the school environment is essential for proper functioning. In this article, I am going to share some of the best messaging apps and websites that students can use in college to achieve their academic goals. All these messaging websites enhance student texting, tutors and parents.

  1. Schoolvoice

Schoolvoice is a great teacher student communication app that has been designed to make communication straightforward and effective for learning. With this tool, a school can easily manage the communication process, and engagement and check message status instantly. One of the key features of this app is Actionable Messages which allows tutors to message parents using predefined responses so that parents can quickly respond by pressing a button. 

Another great feature is the one-on-one chat that allows parents and tutors to initiate a chat whenever they want to help students. Tutors can easily store files and share best essay writing materials with both students and parents. And they can access them from the comfort of their homes. Apart from constant communication, tutors can organize interactive sessions with both students and parents via live broadcasts. Parents will always know how their kids are performing in college.

  1. Remind

Remind is another great messaging app for students because it provides effective communication and offers a wide range of amazing features such as scheduling classes, multimedia sharing, and trips for students. The app is a platform where students can easily interact with both professional essay writers and tutors. 

It supports more than 80 different languages and allows Google Drive integration for tutors and students to share attachments and documents. Apart from being used by tutors and students, it is also built to make education effortless and enjoyable for all. Parents can communicate with tutors and give instant feedback. Other amazing features of this app include video conferences and language translation.

  1. Seesaw

This is an online platform that is focused on enhancing student engagement together with parent-tutor involvement. The communication is managed by tutors to make it trouble-free and transparent. This app supports multiple languages. Students can find an assignment helper and share their work with tutors and get instant feedback. Users can access this tool using their smartphones and tablets.

  1. Classtag

Classtag enables tutors to send messages to students, announce important events and receive messages. Users can customize it and it supports more than fifty different languages. The app can be integrated with other important apps such as Google Classroom and Gmail. It has an inbuilt volunteer request and to-do that helps both tutors and students organize various school events. Thanks to the announcement feature, tutors can issue important notifications and updates about classes and academics. Tutors and students will enjoy using this online communication platform.

  1. Edisapp

This is a school management platform that is powered by artificial intelligence technology. It can be configured and customized thanks to its futuristic software that enhances the productivity and efficiency of students, tutors, and schools in general. This app was founded to simplify the internal processes of learning institutions and manage student exams, transportation, libraries, and fees. It uses cloud technology to engage tutors and parents. With this app, school heads can easily automate school management processes thus enhancing decision-making and student learning.

  1. Edmodo

Edmodo enables tutors to interact with students and parents easily. It also helps them manage classrooms effectively. It’s a great app that learning institutions can use to enhance the learning experience. With this platform, tutors can organize a wide range of activities such as competitions and quizzes. There is also a group feature that allows tutors to create and share information with students and parents. With this app, parents can easily interact with tutors and find out how their children are performing in different areas.


This is one of the best faculty apps in the online world. It’s unique because it supports learning and teaching simultaneously. It’s a platform that encourages teacher and student collaboration because it enables tutors to attach tests, quizzes, and other important class details. Students can also access these files and information easily and learn at their pace. Students can easily find classes on this platform because the app showcases a public profile together with a full bio page of the tutor. The interface makes the platform easy to navigate and enhances the learning experience in class.

  1. Classting

This is a free educational app that allows tutors and students to share files. Tutors can also communicate with parents easily thanks to the messaging feature. The best part about this platform is, that you won’t have to pay a dime to use it.


There are a lot of messaging and unblocked texting apps for school and websites in the market that tutors and students can use. Before using a platform, you need to look at the features and prices and go for one that suits you best. All the apps that we’ve shared with you here are perfect for students, parents, and tutors.


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