What is the Most Profitable Coding Language for a Student?

What is the Most Profitable Coding Language for a Student?
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If you are on the market for the best programming languages, you want the best paying to recoup your money and set the pace for the future. A great programming language is one that is in demand and will be valuable even as things shift. 

One way to determine what to study is by looking at the market and what is in demand and then using that to forecast the future. Languages that can be expanded into several other uses and ways are always in demand as the experts will be using them as the foundation for future programs. Learning them will give you the edge you need in an ever-changing tech world. 

Here are the top 10 highest paying programming languages on the market today. 


This is one of the highest-paying languages, with an average annual gross income of $138,000. It is used to develop scalable real-time systems applications used primarily by telecoms, banks, and eCommerce. The term is used interchangeably with Open Telecom Platform (OTP), and you can learn it online as it is offered at a fee. 

If you already have a background in other programming languages, we will discuss here, it takes a week to start writing nontrivial code through Erlang. You will need a few more months of constant practice to internalize even more and write more scalable code. You may have to complete a few written assignments along the way, with services such as Edusson.com making it possible to finish the course on time. The time it takes to fully learn this language depends on an individual’s learning curve and their previous experience and knowledge.  


It is estimated over 80% of developers use Python, showing just how popular and versatile it is on the market. It pays well too, and several organizations use it for various activities, all of these variables making it highly sought-after by those in the industry. You can learn Python online as several accredited sites offer it to expert level up from the basics. This unique name for one of the most popular programming languages to learn came from the BBC Comedy series Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and today most programmers recommend it highly to anyone that wants to scale the career ladder. It is used in website design, machine learning, software testing, and several other ways. 


Over three billion devices use JavaScript, so it makes sense for any developer to learn it as it is used widely. As one of the profitable languages in coding, it has moved to other uses apart from web browser development, which is why all developers should learn it. JavaScript is the perfect foundation for those that want to scale up to other languages, as it helps one understand how the client end of the browser works. 

When it came into the market in 1995, it was known as LiveScript and was often called the younger brother to Java, which it is sometimes confused for by some people. Though the two programs are similar in some ways, they are distinct. You can earn an average of $112,152 in annual income from this course. 


This object-oriented language is mainly used to organize objects around a design. Most users like its usability and stability, and it is easier to learn than C and C++. You want to advance from C and C++ to C# to improve your coding skills and design development, especially in the current world where design has taken center stage. Its compatibility with Windows and Linux makes it the ideal language for those interested in GUI-based desktop applications. 

Learning this language is much easier when you have the others as predecessors and foundation, and these days, several accredited sites and online schools offer it at reasonable costs. It has been used to develop mobile and enterprise software for Android and iOS apps. The gaming industry uses it regularly, too, making this language an on-demand product at all times. 


As a primary language for WordPress, PHP is used by 78% of websites, making it a must-learn for back-end developers. Some career options for coders with this and other skills include web and app development, both continually sought-after and profitable now and in the future. Being an open-source product, the support community is large and well-informed, making it so that anyone that needs the help of their peers gets it in record time. As one of the oldest programming languages in the industry, you have lots of material for learning if you are getting started. 

Which Programming Language Should You Learn? 

Most people learn more than one language to expand their earning potential. It is not uncommon for a programmer to be fluent in three to four languages that they will be used interchangeably or to build onto other skills. As a student, you may want to start with Python and JavaScript as foundational coding languages. Larger companies with the resources have C# or Java, and their Web applications mainly use PHP. Cloud-based applications are recently using Go or Scala, while data analytics are favoring R and MATLAB. Several other languages are being used increasingly, but it helps to start from somewhere if you are new to avoid getting confused. 

Bottom line

Start with the simplest to form a foundation for the more complex ones. It helps not to settle for only one program as the market is constantly growing with new programs being introduced.


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