Windows 10 Update?! Buy a Genuine Windows 10 License for only $7.42 at April Sale!


Recently, Microsoft Windows 10 has been updated again, mainly because the search function of Win10 has undergone a lot of changes. In this update, Microsoft has made a major change to the search interface of Win10. While optimizing the UI design of the top bar, it has added a highlight introduction function, which will push the holidays, anniversaries and information messages of the region to users. The feature also will include recent updates within the organization and recommend relevant people and files, for business users. At the same time, this update modifies the expansion logic of notifications, and now the action center will expand the first three notifications of the app by default, and users can interact with them. Currently, users can go to the settings interface to check as this update has been pushed.

How to buy genuine Windows OS or MS Office?

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Windows 10 Update?! Buy a Genuine Windows 10 License for only $7.42 at April Sale!

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What is OEM license? Why OEM?

Many users are very excited about the low price offered by Godeal24, but question why the price is so low? More importantly, is this true? You can rest assured that this is the real deal because the licenses sold by Godeal24 are OEM licenses.

These are licenses that are usually sold to computer manufacturers so that they can buy Windows more cheaply to install on their mass-produced computers. The downside of an OEM license is that it’s usually tied to the motherboard, so once activated, it’s difficult to transfer the license to another PC.

Thankfully, Godeal24 sells its OEM licenses so cheaply that if you do move your PC or need another license, you can just buy another copy and it’s still cheaper than paying the retail price.

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Windows 10 Update?! Buy a Genuine Windows 10 License for only $7.42 at April Sale!


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