Tips For Secure Gaming: Why Do You Need a VPN While Playing? 


For some, playing online video games is a way of living, while for others, it’s that perfect moment to relax and feel good. Some people get the most dopamine by playing video games, but others get it from stealing that pleasure. 

Hackers and gamers are long-time rivals, and their bitterness for each other won’t stop any time soon. If you were hacked in a game, it was most likely due to someone wanting your special gear or just to ruin your fun. 

It was for the money as well; rival gaming companies or hacker groups cyberattack the entire game for larger sums of money. So what can gamers do to secure their privacy and enjoy playing online games without disruptions? Use a VPN. 

What is a VPN? 

A VPN is a virtual private network that encrypts your online data and more. It hides your entire network and can even block trackers. The best VPN providers have even more features than this. For example, they have various servers worldwide, and you can connect to whichever you want. 

This can even eliminate in-game lag if you connect to a server closer to the game server by changing your geo-location. 

Spotting a Good VPN vs. a Bad One 

There are many VPN providers out there nowadays. Some of them are fast, and some are slow. However, you should also check their additional cybersecurity features and go with the one that best suits your needs. 

A bad VPN is usually free and slow, and it might be used to steal your information rather than protect it. You won’t have any guarantees. The best VPN providers also have many servers worldwide and offer customer service 24/7. 

However, a good VPN is certified and verifiable on the top boards online. Reviews can speak for themselves, but you also must consider their privacy policies, speed, and additional features. 

Why Should You Use a VPN For Gaming?

There are countless advantages of using a VPN while gaming, and this includes getting rid of lag and ping times. Here are some additional benefits apart from the ones already mentioned: 


Online multiplayer games are highly competitive, and some players might intentionally stalk you. They can find your IP address, harass you, hack your social media, and even track down your real location. 

Extreme cases include swatting, which involves calling emergency services to your location, which in some cases turned out deadly. But with a VPN, you will never have to worry about this. 

DDoS Attacks Protection 

Today, almost anyone can perform a DDoS attack. Frequently used against websites and online games, people use it to flood unnecessary data on other players’ networks to force them online. Since a VPN hides your real network, the attacker won’t be able to find your connection. 

Public WiFi Safe Gaming 

Sometimes we can’t play our favorite online video games at home because we travel or other reasons. We often use public WiFis to get back to our gaming. However, they are unsafe connections. 

Cybercriminals can steal your personal information with ease through public WiFis. With a VPN, though, any public WiFi connection becomes secure. 

Avoiding Bandwidth Throttling 

Network congestion happens during certain times, and your internet service providers can’t help it. This might negatively impact your gaming, and you will face bandwidth throttling. With a VPN, you can hide what you are doing even from your ISP or government, making it harder for them to throttle your data. 

Access to Geoblocked Games 

Not all games are available worldwide, even though they are playable online. Certain countries restrict data and thus become unavailable in your country. Since you can change your geo-location with a VPN, you can get access to those geo-blocked games. 

The best part is if there are online games out there that haven’t yet been released in your country, you can access them with a VPN. Think of it as early bird access. Other games might

be banned in your country, but again, by changing your geo-location with a VPN, this will no longer be an issue. 

Bypass IP Bans 

Sometimes, the most frustrating issue a player can face is an in-game ban. This ban will block you from playing the game indefinitely or until your ban time runs out. However, the geo-location switch of your VPN can also help you bypass this IP ban. 

This way, you can continue playing your favorite online game unhindered. But, it might be a good idea not to break the terms of service or violate in-game rules next time. 

Final Words 

Using a VPN while gaming can be a deal changer. Apart from getting some privacy and protection, you can also use it to enhance your gaming experience. In some instances, a VPN might make your online gaming faster. 

The best part is that you can access restricted, banned, or unreleased online games in your country by using a VPN. Whenever you go out or travel away from home, a VPN will ensure your safety while connecting to public WiFis as well.


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