Sunday, January 17, 2021

How to fix QEMU/KVM Not Connected Error on Ubuntu 20.04

In this tutorial, you will learn how to fix QEMU/KVM Not connected error on Ubuntu 20.04. Maybe you have installed KVM hypervisor on Ubuntu 20.04 for you to run virtual machines on it as a regular, non-root, user. However for some reasons, when your try to run virsh command to even the virt-manager, display the virtual machine desktop management...

Use VirtualBox VMs on KVM

Do you have some VirtualBox virtual machines that you would like to re-use on your KVM? Follow through this guide to learn how to use VirtualBox VMs on KVM. Use VirtualBox VMs on KVM The first thing to note is that both VirtualBox and KVM uses different disk formats. In order to re-use each format on different virtualization platform, you simply...

How to Rename KVM Virtual Machine with virsh command

Have you Installed KVM Virtual Machines on your system and feel like the names assigned to them are not up to your taste? Worry not for this is how to simply rename that virtual machine. Take for example, as in my case, your virtual machine is assigned a name like generic and you want to rename it to at least...