6 Reasons Linux Can Help You Become a Better Student

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6 Reasons Linux Can Help You Become a Better Student

Have you ever thought about what are the ingredients of a successful student? Some might see only good grades and perfect essays, but being a better student is not only about this. It is about your study time, commitment to education that could make you a better student.

College years are challenging, even though students love them the most. There are many apps you can use to improve your note-taking, productivity, and efficiency. But there is also an ingredient you may have lost from sight. It is about your operating system. Few students use Linux as their main operating system and are instead huge fans of Windows or macOS. Linux can make you a better student and here’s how.

1. Saving Money

Everyone knows that students are on a budget during their college years. But they also need new laptops or computers to help them study, write assignments, and work on group projects. Some might think that a new laptop is affordable, but not all students have money for a new MacBook. The cheapest one starts at $1000.

Students also need money for books, and if they are on a budget, a conflict appears. Fortunately, Linux can help you save money because it is free, opposite to Windows and macOS. So, you can save the money you would otherwise spend on an operating system and apps. Because Linux also allows you to install free apps and software you need during your college years.

2. Improve Essay Writing

Linux is an operating system that students love. Technology has advanced tremendously and nowadays you can have two operating systems installed on your computer, one of them running on a virtual machine. However, you can switch between them whenever you want, which makes it easier to adapt to your tasks. Depending on your study topic, you might work faster and easier on Linux than on Windows, for example. Every student has to write at least an essay during their college years. “I need help with my essay” is something many students admit. And this is a nice thing because other professionals can help them improve their skills. Because you have many free apps on Linux, apps you would otherwise pay for on Windows or macOS, you can work on improving your essay writing actively and productively.

3. Highly Customizable

The nicest thing about Linux that can make you a better student is the fact that it is highly customizable. This is one of the best things about it because you can adapt it to your needs. In comparison with Linux, other operating systems are more rigid and may not allow you to make some changes. You can customize Linux however you want so that it enriches your study experience and makes you a better student.

4. Boost Your Skills

During college, students work on improving many of their soft and hard skills, even though they are not completely aware of it. Choosing Linux as the main operating system after you have worked years on Windows or Mac might be a challenge. But it will be one that will help you improve your skills, especially research and problem-solving ones. You will need to learn a lot of new things and research how they are done on Linux, so it will be a process that will engage you and make you a better student.

5. Very User-Friendly

Even though Linux is indeed different from macOS and Windows, it is very user-friendly. For a student who just starts using it, you will find it very intuitive. Of course, there are tricks and shortcuts you still have to learn, but the main things such as surfing the internet or installing new apps will be done easily.

6. Adds Value to Your Resume

Well, even if you are still a student, thinking about your future career is wise. If you are studying computer science or other tech-related topics, you probably already know about Linux. But if not, learning about it can help you land some really good jobs. Employers are interested in candidates who know how to work on Linux, especially because it is one of the most used operating systems.

Ending Note

Linux can help you become a better student because it is very user-friendly and intuitive. Because it is free for everyone, you can use that saved money to buy books or anything you need for your college years. You can boost your skills and productivity because it is easy to customize and adapt to your needs. And you ultimately improve your essay writing too. And all these make you a better student.

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6 Reasons Linux Can Help You Become a Better Student


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