5 Tips to Write an Excellent Essay


As a college student, you’ll be required to write lots of essays. When you take forward steps, the essays will become more important and unpredictable. Essay writing is a skill. And like other skills, it takes time and effort to develop and improve them. Since essays take a lot of time and effort, you must manage your time effectively. Starting early will allow you to research extensively, write and proofread your work to correct spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. Learning how to create essays that convey your intended message will pay off in spades in the long run. In this post, we are going to share with you the top five tips to write an excellent essay. Let’s get started!

1. Go through the guidelines

After receiving their writing assignments, most students start working on them before going through the guidelines. Others skim through the guidelines and start the writing process. If you want to get good grades and save your precious time, you should always read the instructions carefully. If you don’t do this, you’ll end up doing the opposite. And it will be too late to make a change. Before you start writing, read the instructions and spot the keywords such as describe, analyze or narrate. If there’s an instruction that you don’t understand, ask your tutor or professor about it. Figure out if you’ve been assigned a topic or the professor expects you to come up with one.

2. Choose a topic

If the professor hasn’t allocated a topic, you’ll need to come up with one. When choosing your topic, you should consider the type of paper that you’ll deliver. Your topic should propel the motive of your essay. The topic should not be too broad or narrow. A very broad topic will make it difficult for you to capture all the relevant points. On the other hand, you’ll have a hard time finding relevant information if you choose a narrow topic. Always go for a topic that you are interested in to make the writing process fun and exciting. Getting help from an assignment writing service will allow you to find a good topic.  

3. Create an outline

To write a good essay, you’ll need to sort out your ideas and put them down on paper. An outline is a guide in the essay writing process. It acts as the foundation of your paper and allows you to spot connections between various points easily. You can also use a diagram to find connections between your thoughts. While you might think that creating an outline is a waste of time, it will save you lots of hours in the long run.

4. Come up with a thesis statement

After creating an outline and figuring out what you are going to write, it’s time to come up with a well-composed thesis statement. A thesis statement is a summary of your essay. It helps the reader know what your essay is about. A good thesis statement should be concise and clear. A thesis statement consists of one sentence with two sections. The first section focuses on the topic while the other part expresses your essay’s purpose. If you are having a hard time crafting a thesis statement, you should consider using online thesis templates.

5. Write your intro

After understanding what your paper is all about and coming up with a thesis statement, you should start composing your introduction. The intro is an important section of your essay because it helps the reader know what your essay will address. Your first sentence should be fascinating. You can consider writing down a statement, important data, or a dialogue. The sections that follow should explain more about them. Closing the introduction with an explanation of your thesis statement will ensure that everything is connected.

Bonus tips: 

1. Write the body

The body section is the place where you narrate or clarify the topic that you chose. Every key point that you write in your outline will become a paragraph in the body. Every section should have the same structure and will address a key point that supports your thesis statement. The first part of the body should have the strongest point to support your thesis statement. Remember to include supporting data and facts that you found as you were conducting extensive research on the topic.

2. Write your conclusion

The conclusion is supposed to summarize the topic and your views on the subject. The conclusion should be made up of five sentences. You should show your reader that you’ve demonstrated your ideas as mentioned in the thesis statement. Go through your paper and ensure that it communicates everything. Ensure that the flow is smooth and add a few expressions.

3. Cite your sources

You need to include citations and references in your essay especially if you used different sources of information while conducting extensive research. Doing this will help you avoid plagiarism. You need to use the style that your professor has instructed you to use. Some of the popular styles used today include APA, MLA, and Chicago. Every style has unique guidelines that should be used consistently and correctly throughout the paper. When you order coursework online, your paper will be cited appropriately.

4. Proofread your work

You need to proofread your work after writing to spot and correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Never submit your work without proofreading at least three times. If you cannot go through your work, you should consider hiring a professional to help you out or sharing your work with a colleague.


The ability to come up with new ideas and compose essays is extremely important in college. By writing good essays, you’ll not only get good grades but also land your dream job. Following these tips will make the essay writing process easy for you.

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5 Tips to Write an Excellent Essay


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