10 Instruments That Will Diversify the Way a Rock Band Sounds

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There are many music bands and talented sound engineers around the world. Pop-artists and rappers, in most cases combine different music styles or pick some ethnic beats to make their songs recognizable. 

However, rock is a unique style of music that can hardly be combined with other types. In case you have a rock band and want to diversify the way your group sounds, just utilize some unusual instruments from the list below.

10 Instruments That Will Diversify the Way a Rock Band Sounds


It is a bit futuristic electronic device fitted with two antennas. They can detect hands around them and update volume and frequency consistent with the hands’ position. Using this device, you can add some spooky or even psychedelic sounds by swinging your hands around the antennas.

In case you are interested in discovering how this instrument works, you should be good at physics. If you’re a student, don’t be shy to pay for essay papers on the Internet to free your schedule and figure out how the theremin transforms electromagnetic waves into sounds.


Marimba is a specific type of xylophone. This percussive instrument is a large wooden bar structure that is identical to the piano keys. Beneath the keys, it has resonator pipes that make the sound fuller and longer. Naturally, the lowest note is the longest and vice versa, which is a smart choice for classic rock tunes to diversify.


In jazz, the saxophone is regarded as the #1 instrument. Nevertheless, it can make your music sound differently by adding some unique tunes. The Norwegian group Shining shows that the saxophone can blend in a rock band and tweak any style.

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Didgeridoo is a special aboriginal Australian tool made of wood. It was initially designed to relay long-distance sounds. Aborigines used it as a tool for communication.

The unique sound of a drone produced by this instrument can be a good addition to rock music The instrument includes the use of special vibrating lips and methods of circular breathing that may be very challenging to understand.


There were many attempts to use this instrument for enhancing rock bands’ sounds. Jonathan Davis is one of the most popular pipers who used the tool to create new rock sounds. 

Bagpipes require a lot of time and effort to learn how to turn airflow from a bag into great tunes. Therefore, if you are an undergraduate who is still short of time, don’t be afraid to become a trained piper and not late your assignments by using competent academic assistance to become a skilled piper and not overdue your assignments.


Even for accomplished musicians, this instrument can be new. It is a lamellophone instrument that is also known as a mouth harp. It creates long and vibrating tunes that can be added as ethnic elements to any music.

Since it uses the mouse as a resonator, the jaw can hold the instrument. The sound can be tweaked by adjusting the force of airflow and the shape of the mouth. 


It’s an old instrument that creates bizarre and recognizable tunes. By using this instrument, you can create a large variety of sounds, both short and long. The wailing sound of the harmonica can significantly update the way a rock band sounds. 

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This tiny instrument doesn’t look and sound like the right pick for a rock band. However, if you spend some time learning how to tweak the sound by using your hands, you will be impressed with the variety of unique tunes that can be created. 


This one is quite an old musical instrument. It looks quite massive and complicated, as well.By using this method with a spinning wheel, it is possible to generate a large number of different sounds. Hurdy-Gurdy was used for creating a sinister sound in the ‘The Whitcher’ TV-show.

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It is a simple percussive instrument that will definitely add some unique tunes to your music. Notably, it imitates the sound of a stick that is scraping a ribbed surface. An animal’s jaw-bone with teeth is the tool’s predecessor. People used to scrap the teeth of a dead animal to create the vibraslap sound. 

Nowadays, this instrument does the same. However, you can also use an animal’s jaw-bone to enhance your performance. 

Bonus Idea for Rock Bands

Will you want to bring your rock band a very amazing instrument?  Try the nose flute. It has the form of a regular flute. The airflow should, however, be delivered by the nose into the instrument.


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