Uncovering the Meaning of “Oshikatsu” – A Look into Japanese Culture and its Influence on Online Casinos

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Have you ever stumbled upon a Japanese word or phrase and wondered what it meant? If so, then understanding “Oshikatsu” – a phrase commonly used in Japanese culture – could be the answer to your question. In this blog post, we’ll explore the origins of oshikatsu, understand its meaning, and take a look into how the concept of oshikatsu is utilized within everyday Japanese culture, especially within the online casino industry. And when it comes to the connection between oshikatsu and online casinos, note that Megamasso.jp published a great article explaining oshikatsu and online casinos, if you want to dive deeper into the matter. Meanwhile, we hope to uncover just why oshikatsu is becoming such an important part of Japan’s cultural tradition and provide our readers with actionable insight into how they can incorporate these values into their own lives. Read on for an engaging journey that will open up a whole new world!

What Does Oshikatsu Mean?

One of the more interesting words or ideas to have been developed in Japan over the last few years is oshikatsu, and many people have been wondering exactly what it means. Before diving further into the meaning of the word oshikatsu, it would be a good idea to break the word up to get a better understanding. 

The word is made up of two words; “oshi” and “katsu”. Oshi means a person that you are a fan of or a person that you support, and it quite literally means to push, or in other words, promote. The second half of the word (katsu) is said to be short for “katsudou”, which means activity, but it could also be from the verb “katsu”, which means to win. 

Regardless of the word as a whole, it means to enthusiastically support someone such as an actor, an idol, or even an anime character that you feel a particular devotion to.

How is Oshikatsu Shown?

At this point, you are probably wondering, how exactly is oshikatsu shown, and that is a great question. Well, as mentioned above, the word means to enthusiastically support someone such as an idol or an actor, or even an anime character.

Oshikatsu is shown by supporting your chosen oshi; this could mean buying their albums or paying for their songs, watching their movies in cinemas, or even buying merchandise related to the specific anime character you show devotion to.

Is This Phenomena New?

One particularly interesting question that should be asked is whether or not this phenomenon is new. The short answer to the question is no. If you were to take a look at Japanese culture, you would notice that singers and bands have always amassed massive, loyal followings. 

It’s only relatively recently that the idea of supporting someone such as an idol, anime character, or celebrity has been given a word to describe it. What’s more, it seems that this idea of oshikatsu has been replacing the traditional convention of dating someone in real life, since most of the time, love that a person has for their oshi isn’t given to romantic interests. 

How Popular are Online Casinos in Japan? 

Before taking a look at the connection between oshikatsu and online casinos, it would be a good idea to learn about how popular online casinos are in Japan. Japan has had a long and interesting history with gambling, and even though certain forms of gambling aren’t allowed, it’s a passion shared by many of its citizens.

As such, online casinos are incredibly popular in Japan, with millions of players enjoying their favorite games. For example, the online gambling market in Japan is estimated to be worth around US$ 7.2 billion.

Oshikatsu and Online Casinos

At this point, you are probably wondering, how oshikatsu relates to online casinos and what is the connection. Firstly, if you were to visit an online Japanese casino, the first thing that you would notice is that many use avatars or anime characters as their mascots. Not only does the site itself express oshikatsu to its mascots or anime characters, but the fans of the site also do. 

In addition to this, many of the games that are available on these online casinos feature popular anime characters from various anime series, and fans express their devotion by playing games with their favorite characters. More importantly, many online Japanese casinos reward players for their devotion by giving them bonuses that can be used to make more money whilst playing on the sites.


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