Three Card Poker: Learn The Rules & Strategy

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When talking about poker games, how can someone forget three card poker games? It is one of the popular poker versions found in almost every in-person and online casino.

One of the reasons why this game is popular is because of its easy-to-understand gameplay. And the fast-paced gameplay keeps the players entertained for hours.

If you are new to the three card poker game, you are in the right place. Here we will discuss everything about the three card poker game and how to play it.

What Is Three Card Poker?

Three card poker is a game involving three cards instead of two cards. The player and the dealer are given three cards each. The player gets the cards to face up, while the dealer gets three cards face down.

If you bet on whatever card you get and the dealer doesn’t have queen or higher, the deal doesn’t play. You win your bet, and the bet pushes further. 

Now the game starts with an ante wager. On receiving the card, you can surrender or even make a bet equal to the ante bet.

How To Play Three Card Poker Strategy

The answer to how to play 3 card poker is simple. The whole process can be divided into two – Betting and Gameplay.

To increase your odds of winning most of your games, you need to bet after contemplating every possible scenario. In addition, you must keep an eye on the dealer’s hands.


Let’s first understand what Betting is all about in three card poker.

  • Ante: Before the game starts, players can make a bet. This bet is considered a bet against the dealer. To win the ante bet, the player’s final hand must defeat the dealer’s final hand.
  • Play Wager: If a player bet ante spot and like the hand, they need to put a wager equal to their ante bet. If the player doesn’t like their hand and declines to play on the spot, the ante is forfeited.
  • Pair Plus: In this case, the player’s hand must equally flush, pair, straight, or straight flush.
  • Play Both: In This case, the players need to make cards that are able to defeat the dealer’s three card poker hand.
  • Ante Bonus: players who bet for both ante and wager may qualify for the bonus payout. To win ante bonus wager, the player must have a straight or straight flush.


To start the game, all the players are asked for an ante or a pair plus bet. All the players are dealt with face-up cards, and dealers are dealt with face-down cards. The players view their hands and believe that their hands can beat the dealer. Then the players need to wager equal to their ante.

However, if the players have no confidence in their hands, they must fold and forfeit the ante bet.

Once all the players have completed making their best, dealers show off their cards and arrange them in the best possible order. For the dealer to be in an advantageous position, they must have a hand of queen or higher. If you want to know more, here are the tips for post-flop poker.

Three Card Poker Strategy

The finest three card poker game suggests that the player must play the Q-6-4 hands and fold all the other hands. Experts state that your winning chances increase by 2% if you keep playing. 

However, the ante and pair plus payout might vary from one casino to another. Any poker game follows etiquette. You need to follow the etiquette to secure a few games.

Here are a few things that you need to note.

  • Play Your Hand: An important rule of a three card poker game is to learn about arranging the cards from low to high. Once you learn how to arrange the cards, you can then determine the winning pitch point.
  • Folding Hands: If players have stacked up enough points to make a profit and don’t want to play further, toss the card to the dealer. You can even place the card under the table and push the game towards the dealer.
  • Tipping: If you have enough points to make a profit and don’t want to play anymore, handover the card to the dealer. You can even place the card under the table and push the game towards the dealer.


Three card poker is an interesting version of poker. If you like some quick plays, a three card poker game might be something you will like. There are many online casinos where you can play three card poker games and earn real money.

Now that you are done reading the above and familiarizing yourself with what the three card poker game is all about, the only thing left is to start playing the game.


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