The Best Web Browsers Compatible With Linux in 2023


The Best Web Browsers Compatible With Linux in 2023
The Best Web Browsers Compatible With Linux in 2023


If you are just getting started with a Linux-based operating system like Ubuntu, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the best web browsers open to Ubuntu and other popular Linux distributions. Although there is no such thing as the perfect Linux web browser, there are several releases that tick all the right boxes as an all-in-one tool for your online activity.

When it comes to a rock-solid web browser for Linux users, there is one overriding feature that’s an absolute prerequisite for users. First and foremost, they need to support the latest technology for displaying web content, known as HTML5. This is the latest iteration of Hyper Text Markup Language, which has underpinned the mobile-first revolution. HTML5 has enabled brands and websites to offer fully responsive user experiences, optimised specifically for whichever screen size or device a user has at any point.

Fully responsive web designs drive conversions and sales. They reduce bounce rates and also improve visibility in organic search results as the likes of Google value mobile-first sites. So many industries are reliant on HTML5 to maintain their success. In the eLearning sector, responsive designs make it possible for students to digest online courses on the move through HTML5-powered browser-based web applications on any device. In the iGaming sector, operators also lean heavily on HTML5 as the majority of iGamers now do so through a smartphone or tablet. That explains why mobile casino promotions are one of the six best online casino offers available for American users to claim with reputable, licensed sites. The mobile-specific campaigns help to raise awareness of games compatible with the best Linux web browsers.

With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at four of the slickest Linux-compatible web browsers doing the rounds in 2023.


Vivaldi is streets ahead in many people’s minds as the leading Linux-compatible web browser. The most recent Vivaldi 4.0 operating system release homed in on revolutionising the user experience, putting even more of the power in the hands of the individual. Whether it’s clock timers to optimise everyday work productivity, automated web page translation or the integration of email and calendars, Vivaldi can become the perfect Linux partner, even if it’s not totally open-source.

Perhaps the only downside to Vivaldi is that it’s by no means the most agile of Linux distributions. Your desktop will need a healthy amount of RAM to utilise its best features.


Chromium is the Linux-based operating system that’s modelled on the Google Chrome browser. It’s the number-one open-source alternative to Google Chrome. Chromium is a more lightweight alternative to Vivaldi, benefitting from a minimalist user interface that’s built with speed uppermost in mind.

Some of the most notable in-built features for Chromium include WebM codecs specifically for HTML5 audio and video, support for Theora and Vorbis and a manager for tabbed windows. If you want an open-source OS that’s as close to Google Chrome as it gets, Chromium is your cup of tea.


The Best Web Browsers Compatible With Linux in 2023


Brave is another Linux distribution project loosely based on the success of Chromium. The open-source code is partly based on Chromium, complete with a string of unique privacy protection features. One of the most impressive features is the ability to gain rewards for your most-used websites even after blocking adverts.

The Brave Linux distribution is one of the most agile options, with the operating system capable of working with only a fraction of resource usage needed for the likes of Vivaldi. The other downside is that Brave isn’t listed in the software center and requires you to input a string of terminal commands to access it.


It must also be said that Mozilla’s Firefox web browser continues to stand the test of time among the latest Linux distributions. It’s still the go-to pre-installed browser for many Linux operating systems. Although this doesn’t make it the best, it goes to show Firefox is still a solid all-round contender.

Firefox remains an open-source hit, with regular updates ensuring the browser stays well up-to-date with the latest privacy protection measures. Integrated features such as email alias, breach monitor and VPN access can be tailored to your own Firefox account.

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