Rise of the IGaming Industry: virtual casino popularity

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If you are a Millenial who takes social media and all kinds of new technology for granted birthright, it might come to you as a shock that internet gambling is a relatively new invention. Casinos have to fight for their right to be acknowledged as legit businesses plus get some legal recognition on their targeted markets. Building a reputation in any business is hard, especially if you develop something new and almost forbidden in many countries. Luckily, today’s online gambling industry totals more than $260 billion, which only shows that whoever pioneered online casinos was an unrecognized business genius. As this industry grows steadily both in reach and volume, we can only reminisce its humble beginnings with nostalgia and eagerly await what its future will bring to us.

Rise of the IGaming Industry: virtual casino popularity

When Game Turns Into A Business

What was once considered a vice or an illegal activity has turned into a money-making machine of the 21st century, thanks to visionary people in business and the rise of modern technology. If you look at the online gambling statistics, the numbers do not lie, and they say that almost 4 billion people gamble at least once every year, which is absolutely mindblowing. We witness giant mergers between proven betting powerhouses like Mr.Green and Wiliam Hill, which only shows how much this business became incorporated in the world’s economy. No one is taking the IGaming Industry for granted anymore, as every young developer is trying to get a permit for launching his personal online casino brand. Now, every government from Japan to Canada has sensed blood and is putting some heavy tax burdens on internet gambling which is only a testament to this industry’s success in a way. 

All the way from Canada to New Zealand, people enjoy a good wager which is a universal trait that makes us human and connects us with each other in a spiritual way. For Canadians especially, the fastest growing casino gaming sector in Canada is online gambling, which is, by the way, significantly strictly regulated in this rocky country of hockey and maple syrup. Each Canadian will give you an honest review of any online casino worth mentioning, even the virtual ones with no deposit casino bonuses and your name on them. This country serves as a shiny example of well regulated IGaming Industry where players accept crafty innovations like virtual casinos because they trust their government and their national online gambling sites. Perhaps everyone can learn from their example, so one day in a not-so-far future, we will establish a transparent industry that serves as a benchmark for everyone else to follow.

Rise of the IGaming Industry: virtual casino popularity

Polished And Wired Worldwide

Since traditional casino revenue in the US nearly tripled in the last decade, reaching $35 billion, some savvy business people started lobbying for the total legalization of Igaming. You just got to be first in this business, or otherwise, your competition will run you over, but one also needs to keep his idea fresh and constantly upgrade. That is why games like slots or roulette never lose their popularity as they evolve graphics-wise plus in many other ways, like adding live dealer option or mobile application quick-play. There were more than 90 billion mobile games downloads last year, out of which 20 % goes to casino games, so keeping in touch with new technology is more critical than ever for this young industry. With more than two billion mobile users, developers are working around the clock to bring new games which can satisfy a 30% annual growth in demand. 

Constantly Customized And Upgraded 

Another trend that defines today’s online gambling industry is that customer is always right, plus he is put on a pedestal and given the royal treatment. Online casinos are figuring out how to give each player his own unique gaming experience by generating and analyzing massive data. Free bonus spins or fancy jackpot prizes are nothing compared with personalized loyalty accounts, non-stop customer assistance, and unlimited payout options. It seems like an era of customization is getting some new boost with the rise of virtual casino popularity, which provides limitless opportunities for personalized content. Players will soon be able to create their own meta worlds for a price, of course, since only one decent VR headset costs more than $1000 at a discount.

From the US Native casinos to virtual betting in Canada, we witness the birth of a new era of online entertainment on an unprecedented scale. It seems like the IGaming Industry is taking this world over by the storm, cementing its reputation plus building its credibility as a transparent and responsible enterprise. As dominos continue to fall, more and more countries start legalizing it and taking this game to the next level of sophistication using blockchain technologies and virtual reality. This is the time to gamble and discover casino play if you haven’t been familiar with it so far, as games are getting better, along with the whole gambling experience in general. Just wait a couple of years from now when Unreal Engine takes over graphics, VR takes gaming experience, and blockchain makes Igaming smoother than ever.


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